• Holy shit yes, there is no money in cures, only treatment. Who do you think pays for the schools these worthless doctors go too. It is the pharmaceutical companies that pick the curriculum for the doctors to learn from.
  • They only want the cash in their pockets. They couldn't give a shit whether we live or die. Cure for Cancer is there.....but we'll never see it! +5
  • They make a bigger and better profit if they 'treat' the problem forever - if they cured it, that's the end of that. :-/
  • let's rephrase this question "Do the drug companies want one payment or do they want regular payments every month for the rest of our lives?" i'd have to say the most money is their only goal
  • The problem of for-profit healthcare is the profit motive, that takes precedents over administering the best, most effective, least invasive healing modalities.

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