• I can no longer trust charities. I have often given a homeless person food, but not money. I don't want them spending it on drugs or alcohol, but I have driven them through a fast food place on numerous occasions.
  • I don't see that many homeless people where I live but when I see them sitting on the pavement wearing new trainers and designer dirt on their faces I walk on by. I am also sick of the begging letters that come through the door with the sob stories intended to pull at the heart strings and make you feel guilty for having a life and possessions. It isn't that I am uncharitable but I want to choose who I donate to, when and how, whether it be cash, donations to charity shops or my time - I don't want to be hounded for my charity!
  • yes I would give him or her what she/he asks me for?
  • I give to some homeless people. As a general rule though - if you ask me for money, you won't get it. If you are sat quietly with a sign then I may be more likely to. I don't do it anywhere near as much as I used to, I've grown cynical. Id rather give to a homeless charity. Charity, almost always. UNLESS (pet peeve) I am asked by one of those guys on the street who tries to sign you into a monthly donation. They are paid £7/hr for that job and I refuse to let anybody try to make me feel guilty to make me hand over my bank details. I work pro bono for a non-profit organisation. I've collected for charities.... If they actually cared about theirs, so would they.
  • I would never just give money to anyone or any organisation because you dont know where that money is going! for example if a homeless person asks me for money, i would go and buy them some food and a drink, i wouldnt just give them money, as for charitys - most of the money you give to them goes to pay admin/ their office staff etc.... so i would ask them what they needed and depending on my money situation and what charity it was i would buy them stuff they needed.
  • I don't often give money, but I give food or buy clothing and blankets. I have about half a dozen who know me personally and with whom I have regular dealings. If someone wasn't on the level, these would let me know.
  • I prefer to help ANY "legitimate" charity that facilitates help/aid to abused/sick/needy children or animals. . .ANYWHWERE!
  • We have a Homeless Shelter in the next town that I help serve dinners too on holidays and stuff. I donate to that charity because I know the people that run it and it is a real homeless Shelter. I see the people I help and it gives me a feeling that what little things I do makes a difference. I do not give to people carrying signs. If they can sit there 8 to 10 hours a day at a corner holding a sign, they could actually be working with the many construction crews that carry signs for people to slow down around the City and make some honest money. Plus I watched an episode on Dateline Once, and they tracked several sign holders on street corners begging for gas or food money. At the end of the day, Dateline followed and watched as the sign carriers jumped into their fairly new car’s parked around the corner and drove off. Dateline befriended one of the sigh carriers and he said some times he'll make $400-$800 a day during the holiday seasons. He owned a home, was drawing disability from the state and raking in on he's corner. That's just one of the reasons I don’t give to sign carriers.
  • charity by far, that way you know it wont be used for drink or drugs.
  • A homeless person charity.
  • I like the Salvation Army and there is a local soup kitchen that I do work for.
    • Linda Joy
      The Salvation Army also helps with domestic abuse education in this area and has a homeless program as well.
  • I used to be the manager of a homeless hostel and one thing that I told everyone that spoke to me re homelessness is NOT to give them money but go and buy them a drink & sandwich & if they have a dog, a bone would be cool. Surprisingly not all homeless folk have a substance habit altho the majority do, this should not stop us from helping them out PLUS there are such people who sit on the floor beging for money because they don't want to work and have somewhere to live but are abusing the situation and making it worse for those who really are homeless. We all need to rememebr that these people once had a home & family and for some reason have ended up on the street, whether its their fault or not. who are we to judge. As i always say 'There for the grace of god' IT COULD SO EASILY BE ME NEXT!!! But in answer to your question if you see a homeless person buy them a coffee/tea & bun ^& they will be grateful, if they are wearing designer goods I would wander whether they have been given to them or if they shop lifter or just nicked but there are places that actually give donated stuff to the homeless so don't be too harsh.
    • Linda Joy
      Thank you for your service to the homeless. I used to be homeless after I got sick and couldn't work anymore while I waited for my disability case to go to court after loosing the home I had paid for. So you are absolutely right that ANYONE can end up in this situation! I help others more now because there were so many that helped me when I was homeless.
  • i hate it when people say dont give money to the homeless cause they will spend it on drink. so what if they there life has hit rock bottom. i dont blame them for wanting to forget...
    • Linda Joy
      It doesn't help them UP out of their situation. It only helps keep them down.
  • I have purchased food for homeless people, but will not give them money. I will give no money to charities I have not investigated. Two local charities are currently my charities of choice.
  • I always give what i can when i can
  • I have given a few bucks here and there to a homeless person. Some guy even asked me if I had any change to buy cigarettes. I gave him whatever I had at the time. There was a time when some dude walked up to my car in downtown Cincinnati and didn't ASK for money he pretty much just demanded that I give him all the change in my console of my car. Without arguing, I gave him it all with a slight smile. All the while my heart was racing. I was scared to death! Ha! He took and and never said a word,just walked away! I always donate to anything to do with Autism, March Of Dimes, and Big Brothers/Big sisters of America.
  • I usually will just buy them some food and a drink or blanket or things they might need. I donate food to our local food bank all the time as well as clothes to our local place that takes those. I donate locally
  • For a homeless person, I would love to give them money but with the risk of them wasting it on something they really don't need (alcohol, drugs, etc.) I'd give em' food. I'd give to pretty much any charity as long as it didn't go against any of my beliefs, morals, etc.
  • Yes, I always give charity my unwanted clothes and I sometimes give a homeless person some spare change.
  • You should exercise caution by giving to "on the street homeless people" because some of them put any money into alcohol and some buy food. How do you tell them apart? One way is to take them to a cafe and buy them a real meal for them. If they say No or they dont want that-then you might have the other kind. Many familys (women and say 2 kids) might be living in a shelter--some shelters supply 1 meal daily but some supply no food. Any woman like this--just ask her a few decent questions so you have an idea on what to do. Also remember homeless are still human--they want the same things you want. This is a temporary thing for them or so they hope.
  • Homeless
  • I live in a city where it is illegal to panhandle. And giving homeless money may contribute to the reason they are homeless. I give food but not cash. I'll even allow some to spend the night, but my lease requires that no one stay more than 3 nights in a 30 day period, and that works well for me. I can also give them the numbers of at least 3 homeless shelters in the area. And I can look up numbers and addresses for help to get other things they may need (food, clothing, medical care, help with domestic abuse counseling, etc) ___ I have given money to the fast offering at my Church because I know every cent is used for the purpose of helping not only our members but others in need and they will be interviewed by our bishop before getting help. ___ The charities I'm inclined to give to but haven't yet are those that fix cleft lips and palates for children - I like the idea of giving a child who doesn't have one a smile! Also the fistula patients in Africa and the Women in the Congo who have been raped. These have been laid on my heart but I haven't fully researched them or donated yet. I've loaned cash to friends, which turned into a donation, but that's not really the same.

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