• I think people who spend the time to write a valid answer to my questions should recieve a positive rating.
  • I am likely too strict, but I try always to rate every single answer that: 1) In my opinion makes a credible attempt to answer the question (or else is genuinely funny) 2) Is reasonably written (a typo or two is fine, ALL CAPS I never rate) 3) Refrains from prosletysing or pushing misinformation (those often get marked down by me) Of course all of these are judgement calls by me, which is the only way it can be on a site like this. For most questions there is no absolute right or wrong answer.
  • I like to rate every comment that contributes even if it is just an opinion and lacking in facts. If it's not funny or related in any way, I leave it alone, if it's offensive to me or others, I will downrate it. But I like to reward people for their time if it's possible to do while meeting my standards.
  • I always try to rate people who answer questions I ask. I would not ask questions just to waste people's time. They are questions I trually would like answers to.
  • When I ask a question (which I do rarely), I rate those answers that were helpful and useful. I don't usually down rate, but rather I would ignore that answer. I appreciate that people have taken the time to answer me, and show that with points and comments if I can.
  • I will rate every answer that attempts to answer my question. If it is opinion based, and you simply give me a yes or no, then it shows me you were simply after a rating and the answer wasn't really helpful. If you take time to even write out one complete sentence, I will rate you.
  • If someone writes a thought out answer, even if I do not agree with it, I am likely to give them points. At worst, I will probably not point them, but rarely will I neg them. the only ones that get negs usually are those who made no effort, or were rude, or crude.
  • I give points to everyone. There's no such thing as a stupid question.
  • I will check every question I ask when I see a new answer on my profile or in my email. I rate you up & a comment for anything intelligent {non abusive/offensive} just a comment if it is just another repeat, and occasionally, run into abusive offensive questions which get the -Negative- I think some people know I am very fair about rating and that is why they don't feel like they are wasting there time...I don't think the ratings are really as big of a deal as everyone try to say they are. But I do suppose it shows you who truly has put time and efort into this site. :}
  • I'm not here to waste anyone's time, but I also am not all that into this whole points thing. I guess, for me, it's all about trying to help someon out and/or have fun (blow off some steam after my crappy job). If you like my answere--fine. If you don't like my answer--fine. Take my advice, or not. I guess I am just here for my own enjoyment and to help others if I can. The points thing doesn't mean that much to me. As for asking questions--I have asked only one. It has one specific answer, so I probably won't have to worry about a million answers. I guess I thought the whole idea was to help people without worrying about getting anything in return (like points). If I ask a question, no one has to answer it. If you do, I am guessing it is out of the goodness of your heart. I hope you all don't think I am wasting your time. After all, it's your decision to answer it (and waste your time) or not. Hope I'm not rambling; I'm tired, lol.
  • Yes - They are worthy of rating - I have alway's rated all the Answers that I receive and I leave a Thank You as well
  • I don't always just rate up if someone contributes to my Q. Points for effort aren't really my style, if I think less people should read it than I will rate it down. I see it as my vote and quality control. If someone retaliates and can't handle being down rated thats too bad for me, but I really won't put an answer out there that I don't think I have bagged. -Losing a few points here or there isn't all that bad is it?
  • i rate the answers i get, but not equally.

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