• It would end up as a tie between Hulk and Ghost Rider.
  • Captain America, but it would be close. You make me think too hard for this early in the morning dude!
  • None of them. Chuck Norris would come in and break up the fight, hopefully without hurting any of them.
  • None ... I would back Groundskeeper Willie ... lol
  • Superman would fly in and kick their butts.
  • Thor, he's a God. He'd wipe the floor with them all. He'd slash Ghost Rider's tires, tie spiderman in a knot with his own webbing, stick Captain America's shield where the sun don't shine, and repeatedly thump Hulk to death with his hammer, while riding on his back like a cowboy. (Loki would be cheering him on)
  • I suppose it depends on the mood of who is writing the comic. Many of us have seen Spider-Man, Captain America, and Batman defeat the Juggernaut, Thor, and Superman, respectively. But for the sake of the fantasy, Spider-Man and Captain America don't have any business in this kind of brawl. Ghost Rider doesn't do much unless he pulls some serious hellfire stuff. So it's either the Hulk or Thor. Now if we're talking about brutish Hulk, then he may win because it usually takes everyone in the Marvel Universe and the Army to stop him, as he gets more strength and speed as he fights. But with smart Hulk, then I'd say Thor.
  • I'm a Spidey fan all the way!
  • GREEN SCAR would[and someday will] exact his revenge! But seriously they would all team up and give Iron-Man/Tony Starks the stomping he deserves!!!
  • I say Spiderman would win. I mean come on he beat Doc Oct and the Green Goblin and from the looks of things in Spiderman three, he beats guys worse then them. There isn't anyone who can take on Spiderman.
  • In a "What If?" that asked the question "What if the Hulk went berserk?" The Hulk was killing off everyone in the Marvel Universe until Thor came along. When the Hulk is berserk, he is at his most powerful. Thor tried to subdue him without killing him until Thor was separated from his hammer. It was at a time in Thor's career when if he was separated from his hammer for more than 60 seconds he would revert to the normal human form of Dr. Donald Blake. Had he reverted to Blake Hulk would have killed him. Thor tried to get back to his hammer, but when it became clear he could not Thor killed Hulk. The "What If" comics are what would happen if the circumstances were as the title proposed, not what might have happened, but what would happen. The upper level of Thor & Hulk's strength are unknown and Thor nearly took on Superman to a stand still in "Avengers vs. JLA," but in "Superman and Spider-Man" the Hulk took on Superman and Superman was able to plant himself and take the Hulk's must powerful blows. But not so when dealing with Thor in "Avengers vs. JLA." Superman finally said after defeating Thor "He... (Thor) ...may be the single toughest opponent... I've ever..." and did not complete his statement before he was jumped by Wonder Man, Ironman, She-Hulk, Hercules and the Vision ~ powerhouses of the Avengers, but the end of the phrase was clear. Both Superman and Thor defeated Hulk without more than serious effort, but it took serious effort for Superman to defeat Thor. The Thor would clearly beat Hulk, and Hulk could easily defeat Ghost Rider, Spider-Man and Captain America without any effort. Spider-Man can easily defeat Captain America ~ Spidy was able to lift 10 tons, is 10 times faster than the average human, more agile and can sense where, when and how Captain America would attack or evade and he has much more endurance. More recently Spidy's strength has increased to at least to 15 tons up to a maximum of 25 tons. Captain America has been listed to lifting strength between 800 lbs. to a maximum of 2 tons, and his reflexes are like two to three times that of a normal human. Cap is a better fighter, acrobat and gymnast than an Olympic athlete in those same skills, and a better fighter than Spidy, but Cap's agility and speed are no match for Spidy's, that coupled with Spidy being 5 to 37.5 times the strength and with about 10 times more endurance ~ Spidy would clobber Cap. Cap and Ghost Rider is about even. Ghost Rider is more powerful, but not to the point that Cap could not defeat him, so I think Cap would beat Ghost Rider. Thus the answer to the question is Thor can beat Hulk and thus the rest, Hulk can beat all but Thor, Spidy can't beat Thor or Hulk but although it is possible that Cap & Ghost Rider could defeat Spidy ~ it would be unlikely, and Cap is more likely to beat Ghost Rider than Ghost Rider to defeat Cap.
  • well spider man already beat the hulk. the thing about the hulk is you need to get him floating in space so he dies from lack of breath. Now also spiderman was like the first marvel charecter so if they had him fight any other charecter from marvel most likely they would make him win. But its hard to say if he fights a D.C. charecter, I guess who ever pays more. THE comic making place I mean MARVEL VS. D.C. if you know what I mean.
  • Never, ever bet against Captain America. He would outsmart the Hulk into crashing through a surface not strong enough to support his weight. (Remember when Cap took out the Rhino, without his shield, in the basement of a collapsed building, with no room to maneuver? Cap can do it.) He would use his iconic legendary patriotic symbol status to shame Thor into letting his guard down at the last minute, and then knock his hammer away (the hammer seperation thing still works). He'd take down the others so quickly that it wouldn't even merit their own panels. Because Captain America has one ability that no other power can beat, even the strength of the Hulk or the godhood of Thor--he's got writer's fiat. Status will trump raw power every time.
  • Well, the hulk, and thor would definately be the strongest, but spider man would be fast and agile enough to avoid the hulk. Thor's lightning would be hard to get away from though. However, as you all know, Cap't America's sheild is made with vibranium, which can absorb all vibrations, including lightning. Ghost Rider would kick butt against Spidr-Man and thor but not the hulk, he's too big and dense to be burnt. So in conclusion, I say they'd all beat the snot out of each other and nobody would win. If I had to choose a winner it would be The Hulk, because he could probably withstand the Hellfire from Ghost Rider, Captian America would get run over, Spider-man would get creamed if he got too close, Thor would be a tough fight, but i'm still all fo The Hulk
  • Spidey has run rings around the Hulk, The hulk has been beaten by Thor, the others are not in this league. So Spidey and Thor would be the showdown. My money is on Thor and his mighty mjolnir. As for Superman...Cryptonite.
  • It would come between Thor and Ghost Rider, The Hulk can beat Captain America and Spiderman, but both Thor and Ghost Rider can beat him without using the full amount of their power. The battle of Ghost Rider and Thor could go either way, Ghost Rider could just wait for Thor to throw his hammer and then send it to another dimension using his motorcycle reverting Thor to his human form, or Thor could constantly uyse Godblast making the fight last forever (Ghost Rider can revive himself even after being comepletly destroyed and both of them have extreamly long life spans).
  • it would come between Ghost Rider and Thor, both of them could easily beat the Hulk, Captain America, and Spiderman. As far as Thor vs Ghost Rider it could go either way because if Thor has the weakness where if he's seperated from his hammer he reverts to his human form Ghost Rider would easily win (he can send things to other dimensions), but if Thor doesn't have that weakness Thor wins.
  • Hulk rules. He can't die and he has unlimited strength stamina. and he is angry he would eat all those loosers for breakfast.
  • It would really be between Thor and Hulk. The edge goes to Thor if he uses everything he is capable of.
  • ghost rider shouldnt be in this hed get beasted by my grand mother spidey likes lil boys nd really only has highschool wrestling as his only fighting style the dude was a dork kids lol thor is a mommas boy nd got smacked by his own hammer by the hulk after saying "Only a God can wield my hammer" then a guy whispered "beasted" in his ear after getting owned by the hulk lol captin america "WITH A BROKEN LEG" jumped onto the hulks back "WITH A BROKEN LEG" and choked him out "WITH A BROKEN LEG" Even tho they contained him he still broke out nd saved there asses.In conclusion Hulk and captin America are the only true fight but in my mind throw batman in and i can argue about how hes unbeatable
  • Why should they fight? Isn't there enough violence in the world right now? Why can't everyone just learn how to get along and quit fighting?

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