• It would be good to go to your doctor. Just in case it is like low iron or something. Just get it checked out, to confirm that it is okay.
  • You may not have had a period for so long because of how active you are. But you need to see your doctor to be checked out to make certain that nothing is wrong.
  • I second going to the doctor, you may have a blockage, my best friend had to have minor surgery for a similar problem.
  • Go to the doctor as there is something wrong for sure.
  • Taking advice from anyone -- even a doctor or someone you believe to be a doctor -- in an Internet forum such as this (unless the given advice is "see your doctor") is the second-stupidest thing you could be doing. The stupidest is not seeing your own doctor, and pronto. See your doctor.
  • Don't worry about it. It is common for girls to have irregular periods, or for them to stop for a long time as you have experienced. So, like I said, do not be scared. However, you must, must go to your doctor! Although you shouldn't be scared, you must get it checked out.
  • By "active", I assume you are meaning you engage in sexual activities, where the guy (and maybe you) orgasms, but there's no penetration of the vagina (so you can say you are virgin). That would ALL depend on how careful you are. If any of his sperm gets close enough to the vagina, it can "get in" there. If you or he have it on your fingers and play around down there, it can get in. If you have anal sex, and it leaks to the front, it can get in there. If ANY of these scenarios and others are true, it's POSSIBLE that what you are worried about can be true. THIS is one of the reasons Clinton was wrong to say that in his relations with Lewinsky he did not have "sexual relations with that woman". He did. He just never had ... "normal" or procreative sex. Because you period is late, and there can be other physical reasons for that happening, it's best that you go to your own doctor. Any other suggestions or thoughts here, other than that, are just thoughts of people who don't know the whole story, but only what you've told us. There will, of course, be a LOT of speculation, here. Maybe the "scare" is good for you. Now you realize or know that you COULD get pregnant even without penetration. Time to think seriously about what YOU believe to be "sex" and "virginity". Back when I was probably your age, most girls who were "active", were considered "fun", but not "marriage material". (And many got pregnant while in school.) It takes some maturing (of the guys) for that type of thinking to change. Go see your doctor. Ask them about what I have said and about your "problem". And remember "virgin" or not, you ARE having sex, and when you have sex, pregnancy is ALWAYS a possibility, even with prophylactics. The BEST works only 98-99% of the time.

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