• You should take protein on rest days too. It's up to you whether you get it from the food you eat, protein bars or protein shakes. Your muscles don't grow during your workouts. They grow during recovery. So it's especially important to take plenty of protein on rest days.
  • it depends on what ur goals are, if ur trying to get lean, while building muscle u should limit ur extra protein intake, ie extra calories, but if ur trying get big and muscular, or gain strength, or both, u should include, ur protein supplement, every day, such as bars, powders, etc, to keep ur protein synthesis, in a positive flow, of course on days ur active, the supplements improve ur workout, increase protein synthesis, and add vital amino acids, which are used up during exertion, now u should use them on days off a well because, even wehn ur not active, ur body is losing nutrients, our glycogen,and protein reserves, becauseany time go without extra protein, or lose any weight on those days, the first place ur body looks at is the muscle cause its protein, so if u consume extra protein, ur bodily will use that more readdily availible source
  • Drink protein shakes when you're not getting enough protein, regardless of what day. Your rest days are when your body repairs, so protein is important here. You should be eating 1.5-2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. If you're meeting this requirement, you don't really NEED a protein shake other than straight after a workout.
  • what i do is workout 3days a week restup for the rest... for the protein if you looking to bulkup they say that your body looks for protein to rebuild the torn muscle tissues 20min after you workout... so that about when youd wan't to take your protein, dink milk, eat a steak, eggs, or drink a protein shake!(i find they tast bad so i just workout 20min befor i eat...) hope it helps m8!

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