• Yeah lol, no shit. Good question. I wish I had an answer.
  • because America loves dumb white singers, and hates happy gay couples..
  • That's because people don't expect white trash like Britney to have lasting relationships - it's already expected so it doesn't destroy marriage.
  • Because there are the same sex and marriage is for man and woman
  • Good question!
  • because they're not Britney Spears!
  • Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all.
  • What the heck are you talking about?
  • Good point. If serial marriages among heterosexuals haven't destroyed marriage yet, it must be a reasonable durable institution. :)
  • I don't understand it either; I think it's ridiculous when a couple that loves each other and have been together for years and years are not allowed to legally and spiritually express their commitment to each other. IMHO
  • Out dated religious beliefs, prejudiced feelings and prudish ppl with a fear of change... Thats my opinion on why in a nutshell. Gay couples not being able to marry is an atrocity.
  • Who says its fine? It's not well viewed that she did that.
  • People in this country are not yet enlightened with the truth about human nature. They cannot deal with reality and prefer to follow others instead of thinking for themselves. If they thought for themselves they would see the truth. But that's what they fear the most the truth.....about themselves.
  • I honestly can't see what one has to do with the other. Brittney Spears is obviously an addict and very VERY mentally ill. Bad example.
  • Well, now technically she actually wasn't married since they had it annulled when they sobered up. If they'd woken up and thought, "Oh, what the hell?" that would have been fine. Maybe straight people will let gay people get married if we're drunk when we do it? If that's the necessary condition for a good, legally recognized marriage, I'm game.
  • bringin Bs into it means nothing. she does wat she does b/c she love the attention. but marriage has always been a sacred bond and promise made b/w a man and a woman. man and mn, woman and woman jus isnt accptd by society. much how women workin same jobs as men wasnt. they complained bout it for years now look at them side by side with us. wat i mean by tht last sentence is jus b/c things arent the way youd like them doesnt mean they wont change in the future. change takes time, and not every1 excepts change. we still have racism and sum men still dont excpt women in the workplace. jus give it time, it may not seem fair but like i said change takes time. personally i could careless, but remember for ever person tht say yes theres three more tht say no for each of them. hopefully tht helps if only a lil bit

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