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  • They would have trouble procreating and eventually all die out
  • We all would have a hand and arm built like a bodybuilder while the other would be skinny and weak.
  • Oh, I don't know....drink beer, watch sports, scratch ourselves, leave the toilet seat up....all the usual stuff...;-D.... . I imagine the sale of blow-up dolls would go through the roof...;-D... . . .
  • Die out.
  • become A-sexual.
  • A lot more of this:
  • play golf
  • Not a lot...they wouldn't be able to find it to do anything with it.....ho hum.....and they wouldn't stop an ask for directions either....or read the directions on how to do it......argh!
  • Alot less, that's for sure. On the other hand, I think we do alot more with them as well. Either way, women cost us alot of money, but I guess they're worth every dime.
  • Everything we would LIKE to do but CAN'T when women are around!! Lol.
  • Genetically mutate so we can reproduce ourselves which would probably look like this. (LINK IS GRAPHIC) Or humanity would grind to a screeching halt or we would end up like this. (LINK IS GRAPHIC)
  • no women? that's what I call Armageddon!
  • Build women substitutes without voice boxes.
  • The world population will die off in about a 100 years lol. We need our women. No way around it. Who's going to cook and shop and do housework. A dreadful thought.
  • have to remember our own passwords, social security Numbers and the like. I imagine we'd get on fine eventually, but it seems a little pointless if we're not with our favourite banes of existance
  • Actually we cannot do without on another. If we could then human race is over.
  • even more helpless!
  • incomplete lives..
  • I know I'd be lost without her!
  • That's a good question and I don't have a good answer. Could you give us a 30 day free trial?
  • Live in a messy house, watch football all day, eat pizza and drink.
  • Simple: Cease to exist
  • Even less than they do now (that is unfair in some cases)
  • Masturbate.
  • horrible and boring. I can't even deal with parties or bars where there are all dudes...who would want to live in the world without women, women are the best part.
  • Life will be hell they will have to do anything themselves. They will have to find a poupee gonflable ;P
  • Eat at the sink, Sleep in the middle of the bed, Use the bathroom anytime, Leave the toilet seat up, Stay up all night, Drink a beer whenever, Wash the dishes when they all are dirty, Hold the remote when watching TV, Dust off nik-naks when they can no longer be recognized, Set the thermostat back to 62 degrees,
  • Get a word in edgewize and/or....
  • watch porn , wash clothes, make dinner , clean home and the list never ends lol
  • I'd take to drinking whiskey and playing with firearms like I do everyday.
  • Make the weirdest food ever!
  • celebrate in the garden of Eden..
  • Put their head on Rest!
  • What would men do without women?? That's a neat question! Okay then, I'll speak as I feel! I'm quite bright to say the very least, I've an IQ of 225 plus, I've a couple of masters degrees. I own my own company. Life without women would be the most wonderful thing that could ever happen. Well it might be for a few minutes but I just couldn't live without them? Well women would love to hear a man saying that wouldn't they? The truth is quite plain for everyone to see... It would be so easy to live without women. My sexual needs could be filled by another man quite easily. It would be almost like a dream come true to walk up to another guy in the street and say "Take me!" and to experience a wonderful new dimension of lust and love! that only another man could understand. unadulterated pure sexual lust!! Wow... The women reading this answer will all be sitting down and looking at a computer monitor, and thinking " Wow did he really say that?" some of them just might start to think about the way men have responded to them in the past. yes it would be very easy to start to look at another guy in a sexual way, no more birth control, no more hearing about Women's problems and other stuff like that. I would never again have to buy her flowers, take her out for dinner and to lie when she asks "Does this dress make my bum look fat?" Men don't get headaches and they never moan if you forget an anniversary, a birthday or to notice they have had a hair done! Yes I have said it so that everyone can sit and read it and possibly understand, just what it's like to be a real man. ladies as you sit reading this, please bear in mind the sheer fact that for most of my life, I have spent my time, seeking out my dream partner, who I would love to spend the rest of my life loving and caring for, in every way that I can. But all of that and much more could be given to me by another guy. yes it may well be true that only another man could possibly know, how to satisfy another man sexually in every way, yes women have tried over the years but in most cases they have sadly never quite made it! So as you sit and read my answer, please never forget ladies, the sheer fact that over the years, you may have wished to find your dream man, you may have thought about when you may meet him or if you may have one day, walked past him in the street. As You sit and read this and you suddenly see just how easy it is for a real man to suddenly start to look at his mate and think about how it would feel, to hold him in our arms, reach down and feel his manhood and then to finally give in to the feeling of pure lust just moments before we!! Yep that was a very good question indeed! I can almost see all the women on AB sitting down and reading this, thinking WOW did he really feel that way? How could he just turn and start to love another man like that. It is just so easy for a man to seek sexual pleasure in such a way? Many of my best friends are women, yes they are indeed. But please don't tell my partner! Life without women would be like winning a few trillion but the shops are closed. What has a man if he owns the whole world but doesn't have anyone to share it with? Yes I have been kidding you as you have been reading this. The whole thing has just been my way of making the ladies who use answer bag, sit and wonder and to perhaps suddenly start to laugh at it! Perhaps, I will now go and wake my partner with a cup of tea? Sweet dreams... Grin..
  • focused on making the world a better place are to obsessed with women...that everything they for women...the money, the car, the off show off show off.....but if there was no women... They would do it all on there own...and actually DO something
  • live longer without women bitching about everything
  • Figure it out.... they are pretty resourceful...
  • Cease to reproduce and become celibate or gay.
  • Live under a bridge!
  • Probably survive just fine..truth is, I don't wanna know. I like things exactly the way they ae! Happy Tuesday! :)
  • that would be a sad thought, please don't go
  • I don't want to find out. What do men in prison do after a few years without any female contact?
  • I've been women-free for over ten years, and doing better than I ever did with women. I have way more free time, disposable income, and serenity. I have way less melodrama, bitching about everything/anything/nothing, inane conversations, whining'n'crying, psychological manipulation, and overall stress.

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