• Well I don't know if you're talking about the Pro Bowl or the Super Bowl so I will tell both. The pro bowl is voting system that occurs near the end of the season,normally the players with the better stats go,but you can fill out forms to vote for a certain amount of players for each position on the AFC and the NFC, after the season is over and the superbowl is played,and the people in every position on the AFC and the NFC, whoever has the most votes by a certain deadline goes to the pro bowl. Now the Super bowl they go through a series of playoff games for each Division the AFC and the NFC,the teams only have to be better than the other teams that are in their mini division to make it to the playoffs(for example, AFC west NFC North etc.) they have a tree that goes up so there are four teams left,two AFC teams and two NFC teams, The two AFC teams play eachother and the two NFC play eachother,Whoever win the two games play eachother for the national title for best team in the Super Bowl.By wining this they get the lombardi trophy and are the best team in the league that year.
  • The AFC and NFC are remnants of the old AFL and NFL that merged in the 1960s. When that happened, several teams switch from the NFC to the smaller AFC to make the sides even. New teams have been added in pairs, one in each conference to maintain balance of numbers, a number of times since.

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