• try Mcaffee
  • AVG inernet security, its real easy to download we have it on both computers and you can set it up to do a scan every so often as in days weeks etc, there are a lot of options as well.
  • The best protection you can get is from AVG and you can download it free. You can also upgrade and purchase but it isn't necessary. I have used it for years and it stops infections in its tracks. You can download it from here: Good luck.
  • You will get lot of answers to this questions, I can only tell what I use and what I put on all the PC I work on and its FREE. (if you let me know what OS you are running I will alos tell how to reset you msconfig where spyware can hide and it also speeds system up) (side note for Vista you will need these instruction for adding Freeware) LOADING SOFTWARE IN VISTA Ever have that problem when trying to load your software in Vista and it goes clang, and message says: must be installed by Administrator. And you think to your self but I am the administrator and no one else is on the system. Thanks to Microsoft great idea there is a fail safe installed. 1. Go to Computer 2. Right Click on the software you are trying to open find (on Launcher) icon 3. Right Click and a drop down menu opens, look for option that says: Open as Administrator, click 4. The software opens and chooses what ever put you wish to open in it This will allow the software to open now, should work for any legal Software FREE Software If you are trying to install and open free software, download and save file to desktop or my documents. 1. Right click on file go to properties and choose security tab or Compatibility tab and choose run this program as an administrator, click OK 2. Right click again choose open as administrator. 3. User account control click continue 3. Window will open which you must choose to allow program to open Now program will go ahead and install without you getting message’s that you are not the administrator and you can not go ahead. SIMPLE STEPS TO DOWNLOADING VIRUS & SPYWARE PROTECTION (& steps for protecting PC) Also software for registry repair & finding driver’s For XP NEWEST AVG 8.5 BOTH ANTI-VIRUS & ANTI-SPYWARE (for those running Vista you must have all updates done plus SP1 to use) AVG anti FOR SPYWARE, MALWARE, ROOTKITS Click on the right hand side of page where it says download latest version 11.84MB When next page opens watch for yellow bar at top which you may have to click to allow download to start, click and choose save to desktop. Then open from there. AVG Vcleaner-cleans 704 viruses and variants Now for your next layer of protection download the following also but remember you can only run one program at a time, but each of these will fine things the other didn’t. Spybot S&D found at DOWNLOAD SPYBOT SEARCH & DESTROY ONCE YOU HAVE TYPED IN THE YAHOO OR GOOGLE SEARCH BAR (you may see yahoo or google asking if you mean .com instead of .org it is suppose to be .org at the end of web site) 1. IT WILL SAY HOME OF:: The home of Spybot-S&D! 2. UNDER THIS YOU WILL SEE THE WORDS: Download. Home of SpyBot-S&D, and 6 different languages. Simply click on the language of your choice for example; ENGLISH 3. THIS IS THE HOME PAGE, LOOK DOWN AND FIND UNDER PRODUCTS, SEE 1.6.0 AND RIGHT UNDER PRODUCTS WORD YOU SEE PICTURE OF S&D CLICK IT, THIS IS ALL SAME LINE. 4. NEXT PAGE SAYS OVERVIEW, SCROLL DOWN AND SEE AREA, CLICK FIRST DOWNLOAD. 5. THESE ARE THE MIRROR SITES; THERE ARE 11 TO CHOOSE FROM, Safer-Networking Ltd. #1 ON THESE CLICK DOWNLOAD AND BOX OPENS, CHOOSE WHERE YOU Safer-Networking Ltd. #2 GOING TO SAVE FILE TO, DESKTOP, MY DOCUMENTS AND OPEN AND Safer-Networking Ltd. #3 AND RUN FROM THERE FILE IS 14.3MB (only 2 steps here) (These are always my first choice as they usually work well first time) BN FileForum (This is my second choice just a little harder to use, more steps) PAGE WILL OPEN, (BLUE DOWNLOAD NOW 14,380 KB) CLICK blue / NEW PAGE OPENS. MAY HAVE TO CLICK YELLOW BAR AT TOP OF PAGE TO ALLOW FILE TO DOWNLOAD ON THIS ONE, AND THEN DOWNLOAD WILL BEGIN 6. BOX OPENS CHOOSE SAVE AND DO SO TO YOUR DESKTOP OR TO YOUR DOCUMENT FILE AND OPEN AND RUN FROM THERE FILE IS 14.3MB Superantispyware found at SUPERANTISPYWARE DOWNLOAD ONCE YOU HAVE TYPED YOUR SEARCH BAR IN YAHOO YOU WILL SEE: (AntiAdware, AntiSpyware, AntiMalware) CLICK 1. LOOK FOR BIG BLUE BOX ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE PAGE SAYS DOWNLOAD FREE VERSION HOME USERS - CLICK 2. NEXT PAGE SCROLL DOWN, AGAIN LOOK FOR THE BIG BLUE BOX SAYS DOWNLOAD FREE VERSION HOME USERS - CLICK Next page opens and again click the blue box that says download FREE version home users. 3. NEXT PAGE DOWNLOAD SHOULD START AUTOMATICALLY (6.16MB), Version: 4.15.1000 ****NOTE (If it doesn’t start at once look at the top of the page for a light yellow bar, it’s basically a security bar, click and choose allow, it usually has to do with Active X) If still does not open look on the page under the words Download progress: If the download does not begin shortly please (click here is in blue) Click it 4. DO SO AND A BOX OPENS, SAVE TO DESKTOP OR MY DOCUMENTS, OPEN AND RUN FROM THERE And finally go to this web site for this program to clean up your internet history, cookies, browser history, recycle bin, IE Explorer, etc all the boxes can be preset and basically in 4 steps you can clean computer. It does so well that disc clean usually only will find 32-100MB after it’s done (Spyware, Adware, Malware, Trojans, Dialers, Worms, KeyLoggers, Hijackers, Parasites, Rootkits and many other types of threats) this is what this program takes care of. go to the freeware section, look for Internet Cleanup, then look for the software called IE Privacy Keeper IE PRIVACY KEEPER DOWNLOAD WHEN YOU TYPE IN YOUR YAHOO OR GOOGLE SEARCH BOX THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL SEE WHEN IT OPENS Snapfiles - software reviews, download freeware and trial programs - CLICK 1. WHEN THE PAGE OPENS LOOK FOR A TAB AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE THAT SAYS FREEWARE - CLICK 2. WHEN PAGE OPENS SCROLL DOWN AND FIND INTERNET CLEANUP TOOLS - CLICK 3. WHEN PAGE OPENS SCROLL DOWN TILL YOU SEE THE PROGRAM SHOULD BE LIKE ABOUT THE 14TH ONE DOWN - CLICK THE BLUE DOWNLOAD BUTTON FILE SIZE IS 1128kb 4. NEXT PAGE OPENS IF DOWNLOAD DOESN’T START LOOK FOR A LIGHT YELLOW BAR AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE, CLICK THE OPTION TO ALLOW TO OPEN, USUALLY HAS TO DO WITH ACTIVE X ***NOTE If for some reason still doesn’t start click the blue words click here they are in the middle of the page in tan box. 5. WHEN THE BOX OPENS SAVE TO DESKTOP OR MY DOCUMENTS, OPEN AND RUN FROM THERE. Last but not least do Defrag at least 2-4 times in a row even if program says not needed, as XP Defrag program isn’t the best and needs to be run more often. Or download a extra program to do it for you like Vista does, go to: type in the search box – defrag and when the new page opens look for: Smart Defrag 2.44MB click the download button and new page opens, you may have to click the security options bar to allow download (yellow bar at top of page, right click to allow file) Save to desktop GLARY UTILITIES DOWNLOAD HOW TO DOWNLOAD GLARY UTILITIES 1. 2. ONCE HERE RUN MOUSE OVER THE PRODUCTS AND VIEW THE DROP DOWN LIST, CHOOSE: GLARY UTILITIES, CLICK 3. BLUE BOX WILL SAY DOWNLOAD GLARY FREE UTILITIES NOW, CLICK 4. CLICK BLUE BOX THAT SAYS DOWNLOAD FREE GLARY UTILITIES NOW 2.8.366 File Size: 5.37 MB Release Date: Oct. 31, 2008 Operating System: Designed for Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP 32/64bit, 2003 and Vista 32/64bit 5. CLICK WHERE THE GREEN BOTTON IS (DOWNLOAD NOW) 5.37MB 6. WATCH FOR YELLOW SECURITY BAR AT TOP, CLICK HERE FOR OPTIONS, RIGHT CLICK-CHOOSE DOWNLOAD FILE. AND THEN WHEN DOWNLOAD BOX COMES UP SAVE TO DESKTOP 7. AFTER DONE WITH FILE MOVE TO DOCUMENTS IN CASE YOU NEED AGAIN. Glary Utilities Optimize, clean and boost the speed of your Windows. Protect your privacy and security. Block spyware, trojans, adware, etc. Fix certain application errors. Simple, fast and User friendly interface For only private use Glary Utilities offers numerous powerful and easy-to-use system tools and utilities to fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC. It allows you to clean common system junk files, as well as invalid registry entries and Internet traces. You can manage and delete browser add-ons, analyze disk space usage and find duplicate files. You can also view and manage installed shell extensions, encrypt your files from unauthorized access and use, split large files into smaller manageable files and then rejoin them. Furthermore, Glary Utilities includes the options to optimize memory, find, fix, or remove broken Windows shortcuts, manage the programs that start at Windows startup and uninstall software. Other features include secure file deletion, an Empty Folder finder and more. All Glary Utilities tools can be accessed through an eye-pleasing and totally simplistic interface Antivrius 2008-2009 Removing • Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Is the name of the software, just visit web site and click on download, very easy to use, great malware program. NEED TO FIND YOUR DRIVERS? Go this software will find them and update them for you all for free, just click on the red download button (start free download free version) 1.18 MB is the size of file just choose where you would like to save it too. (You may also need this file Microsoft NET Framework 2.0) Backing up your drivers? Go here: Very simple yet great software that finders your drivers and backs them up for up to what ever place you choose, such as my documents, CD, DVD, jump drive. Click the green download box (arrow) next page where it says DriverBackup! 1.0.3(XPVista) for English. Next page again click DriverBackup 1.0.3 then Dr13engzip, you may have to give page permission to open (see yellow bar, right click here for options) choose download file, file is 51. 7 KB choose save and to where. SPAM Type in Spam in the search box in the upper right hand corner- new page opens with a list of 5 page, on page 3 you should find this program Spamihilator (2000/XP/2003/Vista 1.08MB) click download, new page opens, watch for yellow bar at top as you may have to click to allow to start download. Click saves to desktop or my documents. Then click run to open. Or to and to their freeware section to find other software also. (Can only run one virus program at a time on a PC but you may have as many spyware programs as you wish as long as you run only one at a time, and only one firewall) A GREAT FREE ONE IS ZONE ALARM FOUND AT under the freeware section, personal firewalls. Also found at snap files, are Defragmentation Tools - there are several programs to choose from I recommend you check them out as the one that comes with XP does not always do the best job. Another little great tool for you is go to Google or Yahoo: One of the best pieces of FREE software there is today that will show you what is on your computer is known as: Belarc once it is downloaded you simply run and time you wish to see what is installed on your PC, from OS to Model, hardware, software, hot fix’s and the Keys to software on PC. This makes it a valuable program in that you can run it every so often and print off and save for you keys if for no other reason. *** Note: It is wise to only run one virus program at a one time but run as many spyware as you like, only run them one at a time, other wise they will conflict with each other, it is good to have more than one as each will find some thing the other did not. Uninstall any other program as they may conflict such as Norton, McAfee etc. (This web site can help you uninstall Nortons, McAFee when they refuse to go away: ) The only one on this list that runs in safemode F8 is AVG anti-spyware, which does work great in safemode. Also wise thing to do is to run the virus & spyware program once without internet connection and then again with internet, as some times the virus will try to block program other wise when internet is running. This list has been drawn up by me and designed by me and is not copied from anywhere as it has been suggested, please feel free to use as much as you like, and I hope it helps in some way. G_tech WARNING: Please try all these procedures at YOUR OWN RISK. I take no responsibility for your actions This is all found though my experience and there are times you may need a professional to better assit you. AVG 8.5 HOW TO MANAGE At the top in the tan line you will see the words file, components. History, tools, helps. File: is simply to exit the program Components: this will open different areas of system overview such as, all the items you see on main page, and some you can adjust in this area like when update manager runs. (If you make any changes, be sure and hit save changes) History: scan results, this will show you when each time a scan has run and what was found. Resident shield detection scans files as they are copied, opened and saved and if a threat is found, it will forbid its activation. E-mail scanner detection, checks incoming and outgoing mail by using plug-ins for the most frequently used e-mail programs, when detected, viruses are moved to the vault. look at bottom of program page and you should see a green check mark in first box (there are 3 in a row) it says scan incoming messages. If not check box, hit grey box that says > save changes Virus Vault - from here you can manage any virus that have been placed here, either Delete, restore, and send to analysis, empty vault etc, and view history. Event History log- which shows all that has happen on AVG (JUST BE SURE TO CHECK EVER SO OFTEN AND EMPTY AS SOME TROJANS NEED TO BE DELETED BY HAND) Tools: here you can go ahead a scan PC if you wish just to check for your self all is well, even though it does it automatically. OR you can choose to scan a selected folder if you wish Scan a file Update; check to see that all updates have been done from here Update manager here you can set the time day for automatic to happen, set time and save changes Update directory…this would be if you must choose where to send it to look for update such as a certain network etc Advanced setting: (under tools) Be careful if you choose to change any of these, most are factory default but some can be change with no problem, read carefully But to make it run smoother always set to run automatically at certain times under the schedule section, for each one. (scan, both updates) (If you’re having a problem with scans running to often look under this setting-then schedules-scheduled scans- Make sure you pick* run at a specific time interval is picked- then set time- and click apply and OK) Help takes you to AVG’s web site to look up certain virus and what they are and how to remove them and what they are. **** If link scanner is a drag on your PC’s system resources, you can remove it by downloading & reinstalling AVG Free(and no, you don’t have to uninstall it first). When installation starts, choose add/remove components, click Next for a list of components uncheck Linkscanner, and finish the process. You’ll probably need to reboot and make sure to do a manual update to grab the most current virus definitions. To suppress any annoying warning that Linkscanner isn’t working choose advanced setting> Ignore Faulty Conditions, check the Linkscanner check box and click OK. Remember this doesn’t take away a layer of protection! Here is a link to check out support area in AVG to look up VIRUS and meaning etc HOW TO MANAGE SPYBOT SEARCH & DESTROY 1.6 1. CLICK ON ICON ON DESKTOP TO OPEN PROGRAM. 2. CLICK IMMUNIZE BUTTON EACH TIME YOU OPEN PROGRAM, WHICH IS ON THE LEFT SIDE OF PROGRAM. THEN CLICK IMMUNIZE BUTTON AT TOP OF PAGE, EACH TIME YOU WILL SEE A BRIGHT GREEN BAR GO ACROSS PAGE AND YOU WILL SEE NUMBER OF BAD ITEMS BLOCKED. THEN CLICK CHECK AGAIN JUST TO BE SURE. 3. NEXT ON THE LEFT HAND SIDE OF PAGE CLICK THE UPDATE BUTTON, A BOX WILL OPEN, CLICK SEARCH, A LIST COMES UP CLICK THE ONE THAT SAYS “SECURITY WORKS. NET” #1 USA OR #2USA, THEN CLICK CONTINUE, PUT A CHECK MARK IN ALL THE BOXES THAT APPEAR, CLICK DOWNLOAD. ***Depending on where you live you may have to choose a different dialer, if it comes back saying bad check sum then just choose another one and download again. (BIG BRIGHT GREEN CHECK MARKS WILL APPEAR BY EACH ITEM AS THEY ARE DOWNLOADED) THEN CLICK EXIT 4. CLICK SEARCH AND DESTROY,(IF DOESN’T START CLICK START PROGRAM BUTTON) THIS STARTS THE SCAN SESSION, YOU WILL SEE A GREEN BAR PROGRESS ACROSS BOTTOM OF PROGRAM AS IT DOES THE SCAN ( THE WORDS YOU SEE ARE NOT PROGRAMS YOU HAVE BEEN AT BUT ARE NAMES OF VIRUS/SPYWARE ETC) NOW YOU WAIT FOR 15-30 MINS FOR SCAN TO STOP, YOU CAN RESTORE DOWN PAGE AND DO OTHER THINGS WHILE SCAN IS WORKING. 5. IF ANY PROBLEMS ARE FOUND GO TO NEXT PAGE AND CLICK BUTTON “FIX PROBLEMS” HAS A HAMMER & SAW ON IT. AS THEY ARE REPAIRED BIG FAT GREEN CHECK MARKS APPEAR OR IF NO PROBLEMS IT WILL SAY JUST THAT “ NO PROBLEMS FOUND” 6. IF IT DID REPAIR A PROBLEM GO TO THE RECOVERY BUTTON AND CLICK IT, CLICK THE BUTTON THAT SAYS PURGE SELECTED ITEMS, CHECK ALL OF THEM. 7. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SET THIS PROGRAM UP TO SCAN ON A SCHEDULE THEN LOOK AT TOP OF PROGRAM WHERE IT SAYS “MODE” CLICK AND SEE DROP DOWN MENU CHANGE TO ADVANCED MODE. YOU WILL NOW SEE NEW OPTIONS IN LOWER LEFT CORNER OF PROGRAM: Setting-tools 8. SETTING WILL OPEN A LARGE MENU WITH MANY OPTIONS, LOOK THOUGH LIST AND CLICK ON SCHEDULER AND CLICK IT AND A PAGE OPENS WITH AREAS TO SHOW YOU HOW TO SET UP. LOOK FOR THE EDIT BUTTON. AND ANOTHER MENU OPEN CLICK SCHEDULE TAB AND YOU WILL SEE OPTIONS FOR TIME AND DATE, SET THEM AND CLICK APPLY AND OK (you also can remove same way) EDIT (updates) This one allows you to schedule the time you want spybot to update Also take your mouse and place on the bottom edge of spybot screen (you should see little double < > like in Microsoft) and pull down on while holding down left click this will make screen bigger so you can seen two more options that need to be checked. THERE SHOULD BE A CHECK MARK IN THE FOLLOWING BOXES: Fix problems after scheduled scan Close program after finishing schedule TOOLS- PROVIDES ADVANCED TOOLS FOR USERS TO FIND ABOUT SPYWARE THAT ISN’T DETECTED DURING THE NORMAL SCAN AND TO CLEAN UP AND OPTIMIZE YOUR SYSTEM. View report Secure shredder Resident Bho’s IE Tweaks Systems Internals System Startup Uninstall Info Winsock LSPs (9.YOU ALWAYS HAVE THE RECOVER BUTTON ALSO JUST IN CASE YOU NOTICE PROBLEMS WITH REMOVAL OF PROBLEMS AND NEED TO UNDO THE SOME CHANGES) From here you can recover & purge items. AND YOUR JOB WILL BE DONE, TO CLOSE PROGRAM CLICK THE RED X. **** if all else fails you the help icon to find more information HOW TO MANAGE Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware This software is for the virus known as anti-virus 2009 which is really a type of Malware, which can get you in a type of drive by off of just about any site, so far most of the well known software’s have not been able to catch it and disable it, so this one seems to do the job very well. Very easy to use and works well for other Malware as well. Once you have is downloaded, open program. There are 9 tabs across top. 1.Scanner- there are two types of scans you can run quick & full. Quick looks for the most common types of malware Full will analyze all hard drive and provides a deeper scan, takes longer Just click the scan button to begin either of them 2. This is if you were to want to buy the pro. Version 3.This is where you check for updates to this software, just click the button and watch little window that comes up as it looks and seeks out updates(should be done at least once a week) 4.This is quarantine area, this is where are items that are found will be sent, once here they are contained and no longer a threat to your system. You can choose to delete them or leave them or restore them, it’s your choice. Simple choose a button to make the function happen. (In general most items can be deleted with no problems) 5. Logs click the open button after highlighting which one you whish to see, and log will open, showing the scan that was run on that date. You can choose to leave logs or remove them be using the buttons 6. Ignore list this is where some items may show up over and over that are not a real threat, what are considered false/positive, so you can choose to ignore them, and just use remove button 7. Setting all these boxes should be checked except the first one, only check it if you are having major problems with system and need to shut down Internet Explorer to find virus and then set back proper way when done. Choose you language also. 8. This is the area that can help in finding hard to find Malware or unknown ones Each button help you, one collect information, reports to bug, reports false/positive so they can create fix’s Last button helps delete lock files on your system, as some virus/ spyware/malware will do so, making it impossible for you to access them ever again or they create a locked file that has nothing in it. 9. About just tell about program Exit is at bottom right corner GLARY UTILITIES HOW TO MANAGE In the blue shaded area where it says Glary utilities you will see the words: Status - 1-click maintenance - Modules - > Menu and -X Status: here you can check for updates if you need too, the other button does not concern you as you do not pay for you product only business owner do. 1-click Maintenance you will use this page the most, only 2 steps, scan for issues button (click) and wait for scan to finish (Under the tracks Eraser you will see options- you can click that and add a site you do not which to have you URL clean up, such as a site you visit often and do not want user name & password cleaned, although I discourage this as all tracks need to be clean ever so often) Other option says-select tracks you want to erase, once this page opens put check marks in the boxes of the areas you which tracks to be erased each time you run Glary. Windows Recent Document Windows Start Menu Run Start Menu Search Internet Explorer-URL History Internet Explorer History Internet Explorer Cookies (you may choose to clean history of any other items as you want and if you have Mozilla Firefox then skip the Internet explorer unless you are using both and check) Mozille Firefox – History Mozille Firefox – cookies Mozilla Firefox – Internet Cache Mozilla Firefox – search History Second option- gives all the web sites you go to and you can put a check mark in box so these cookies will not be cleaned, so you will not have to log in each time etc. When scan is done, button will say repair, again click and items will be repair, if first scan found a lot of stuff I often recommend you run second scan just for safety. Here you will find system tools, 5 large yellow/orange button, each opens different areas. Clean up & repair - disk cleaner, registry cleaner, shortcut fixer and uninstall manager (the first 1 work just like on you normal PC very simple, next three same as -click only simply steps Last one works like add/remove but better Optimize & improve: Startup manager-works like msconfig, you need to know what you want to start up when computer comes on. The next to work just like a task manager only more detailed, be sure you know what your doing if you choose to shut something down from here. Privacy&Security: Many great items here, tracks eraser, a file shredder in case you have a file that contains something no one should see. Opps you deleted a file, get it back from here, also encrypt and decrypt a file from here also Files & folders: Check your disk space from here check for updates as talked about in first item, Find duplicate file, empty files, manage large file Systems Tools: Again sort of like Task manger, stop a process from here Internet Explorer Assistant-manage you add-ons from here Windows standard tools-direct access to default functions from here Menu: Restore center Help -F1 Home page Settings About -X - Is to minimize X is to close ***** Side note every couple of months be sure and check for updated version of this software as each one contains newer repairs for errors each time, see item#1. Very important!. MSCONFIG VISTA (msconfig- start up order) 1.Click on the Vista start icon, bottom L-corner 2. Type msconfig in the search box & then press enter on the keyboard or double-click on the msconfig program that will appear in the search results 3. At this point you might get the box asking your permission to continue, has you user name in it and you must put in password, or if your already logged in as administrator you will get the famous “If you would Like to continue box” either way just follow along give your permission. 4.Now that you have got pass that point you will see Microsoft’s System Configuration Utility, click on the startup tab 5. You will see a page open that list the “startup items” these are the programs that all automatically load every time you turn on your PC, some are necessary & others are a waste of RAM In Vista are essential programs are loaded thought “Windows Services” which means most of the startup items you see are optional but if your in doubt leave them on and check out the link at bottom of page to see what each item. (good one to leave running is you virus & spy ware protection, internet) 6. Click OK and you will a message that tells you must restart your PC for these changes to take effect, click “restart” and system will reboot 7. You’re done your PC should startup faster now! *** By default any program that is needed to run PC will reset on its own, so don’t worry that you can turn off really important stuff, and you can always go back and turn any thing you want back on either one at a time or all. ******* This web site will give you over 13,000 items and their meaning in msconfig (these are just some very nice and helpful sites for Vista) HELPFUL SITES FOR VISTA go to the freeware section, lots of free software that is vista compatible (also good for XP) for many Vista compatible software click download, next page type what you’re looking for in blue search box and new page opens this one is much like our site with post answers just on Vista this one is for the program on vista and speech recognition,1558,2109974,00.asp -speech recognition also this shows how to reset vista so that you no longer have to have a password to log on this web site for shareing printers & files & folders in Vista Hopefully these sites will help you find the tips or software or maybe instructions on how to do that one little thing that was frustrating you. G_tech
  • I go for Avira. AVG is decent, but the best thing about AVG is that it's easy, shiny, and popular. However, if things like detection rates mean anything, AVG is not the best. Mcaffee was great stuff 15 years ago, but since then they have slipped and are near the bottom of what I consider acceptable. AVAST! and Kaspersky do a great job, but I didn't like them. Unlike Mcaffee and Norton, there is nothing actually wrong with them.
  • The *best* protection against computer viruses is to migrate to an OS that does not support them. OS X and the various GNU / Linux distributions are immune to the vast majority of viruses, for several reasons. True POSIX compliance is one of those reasons- Windows has been nominally POSIX compliant since the introduction of NT, but unfortunately many of the secure features of the POSIX standard are suppressed by default in XP and Vista for the sake of "user friendlyness". Fine-grained access control is a necessary first line of defense against exploits. There are many other examples, which I will not explore here. I refer the curious to Bruce Schneier's blog, and to Wikipedia. Years ago, the GNU-based operating systems were not practical alternatives for existing Windows users due to the inability to run most Windows programs, but with the introduction of WINE, OpenOffice, and improved support for "foreign" file formats, the situation has changed. There is a significant learning curve associated with switching to such a system, but it's hardly any worse that that which will be associated with the switch to Windows 7.
  • Take a look over here to see how all these Windows av products compare:
  • Install antivirus software and firewall. Only to well-known website. Do not install and open the file unknown
  • Very simply put, you can use free tools such as AVAST, you get a one year license, and it protects you pretty well. I'm not a big fan of popup blocker, or overkill security (Windows Firewall is plenty good), but if you use firefox, you can use an extension called "adblockplus" ( it will take care of many ad-related popup/malware
  • Kaspersky Anti Virus is the best, So you should be download/update and full scan your computer.
  • For a paid anti-malware software, I would recommend SpyHunter (, for their Spyware HelpDesk offers subscribers direct access to their technical support team to help with common questions as well as deliver custom fixes to specific malware problems that may be unique to our computers.
  • Computer condoms. Always practice safe cybersex!
  • A current backup. Not using a computer to begin with? Too bad they can't detect REAL cookies!! I want a Panera mint chocolate chunk chocolate crinkle cookie!
  • ESET or Fsecure are best. But if you're looking for free then speak to your bank. They will usually have Bullguard, Kaspersky or Mcafee subscriptions for free.

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