• No, must take one of the classes or prestige classes that give the sneak attack feature to gain the ability. In 4E, you need to be a rogue or have the multiclass rogue feat (which gives you sneak attack damage once per encounter). Cool thing with 4E, rogues can sneak attack any enemy as long as the rogue has combat advantage (flank/prone/etc...) but only once per round (even if you hit multiple enemies).
  • I don't know of any way without taking a level of rogue, or even ninja or scout. I would ask the DM to Rule 0 something for you, like make it a substitution level, class sub, or a set of feats you could take. But sneak attack's a big feature, so you should give up something powerful in return. For example, a ranger may need to give up his combat mastery path, but not something small like trackless step.
  • Nope. There are some ways to get it in classes that don't normally have it with alternate class features (a fighter can trade his bonus feats for sneak attack progression as an all or nothing trade) but officially it is never available as a feat. There might be an obscure magic item somewhere that does this, but I've never found one.

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