• SORRY: People shouldn't answer this question as "Big Brother" and the money police look in.
  • Mexico & Bahamas!
  • yes,i have several hundred colonies from Costa Rica.i think it's about $1 U.S. to every hundred colonies.
  • I have loose change from a whole bunch of countries in a jar in my closet. I have tons from Canada, USA, and UK. I also have a bunch of coins from Italy (the pretty bi-metallic ones before they switched to the Euro) and India, but I'll probably never go back to either of those two countries again, so I don't know what to do with it. It's not enough to be worth going to an airport and changing it.
  • Canada, Mexico, Turkey, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam (Old South Vietnam), Taiwan, Philippines. Not a fortune, just some representative bills and coins. I was stationed for a time in all these countries. All together, they might buy me a good meal in a fancy restaurant.
  • Yup .. left over from various personal and business trips over the years. Ummmm ... Ireland, England, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, Canada ...
  • Yep. Venesuala, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Columbia, England, France, Scotland, Gibraltar, Spain, Morroco, Israel, Turkey, Canada at least. Those are some of the countries I've been to personally while I was in the Navy. . I have some from Japan, Korea, Thailand, and more from countries two of my other brothers have been to while in the Air Force and Marines.
  • ive got a bit of money from belgium and india.
  • Yes ... I have small amounts of loose change from all 28 countries that I have been in ... most of the old European countries, before the Euro ... parts of Asia ... Australia, Fiji, Tahiti, and then there are always some U.S.A. coins mixed with our Canadian change (mostly pennies).
  • Yes, I have some leftover change from England, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Bulgaria, The US, Russia and several European countries from the pre-Euro era (the Netherlands, France, Austria, Belgium).
  • Wow....that would take me forever to type....I have been collecting foreign coins for the last 35 years....I have...oh my....I dont know.....maybe seventy five different countries coins....and still looking to add on.
  • I get some Euros from other European countries all the time. Some are very nice, for instance Ireland or Portugal. I have also rest change from some of the countries I visited.
  • I've got a collection of foreign money. Some Mexican bills, Australian coins, a few coins from various European and Far east countries.
  • Yes..I collect Mexican and Canadian money.
  • I have coins from about 150 or so countries. I used to buy foreign coins for fun. Cool stuff. Name a country and I probably have it.
  • I've got some Canadian money, some from France and Belgium and a few old coins from Mexico
  • I have money from US, Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Philippines, UK, Ireland (Euro), Netherlands, and for some reason, WWII German Marks.

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