• Not the answer you were looking for, but I'd say by being as loving and kind as you can to everyone you meet that day. (This is something single people can do, too.) For people who are partnered, my preference is for a quiet dinner at home and spending the evening thinking about, talking about, and demonstrating how much we cherish each other. I'm not into the big gifts or mandatory roses; that's all about advertising and the way every holiday we have has been commercialized. And speaking of commercials, I HATE the commercials that come on this time of year, trying to make men feel stupid and bad and inadequate if they can't afford a dozen roses, a diamond, a $100 teddy bear (!!! waste!!!), or some other expensive gift. (Pajamagrams! imagine how bad she'll feel if they're too small!) And I also think it's wrong that most people & ads push Valentine's as a time for men to give women gifts. In mixed-sex couples, the women should show their appreciation of their partners just as much as the men do. THAT is real romance, not this one-way street you see in the jewelry & flower ads.
  • Naked, in front of a fireplace, with a bottle of wine and the one you ❤️ !!!!
  • My gf and I moved in together ten years ago right around Valentine's Day. Although we decided we did not want to be married, we have three children together - ages, 7,6 and 4 - and are deeply devoted to each other. So since we are not married, but since we moved in together around the holiday, we treat it - or the weekend before or after it - as our anniversary. On that weekend, we take the Friday and Monday off. We take the kids to grandma and grandpa's for the weekend, and then we either go into the city (Washington, DC) - we live in the burbs - and get a room at the Hotel Washington, or we go to a B&B on the Chesapeake. If we stay in DC, we always make sure to have one "dress up" dinner, we may go dancing, go to a play, and go to a few bars and things. We have breakfast in bed on at least two mornings, and we have sex - lots of sex. If we go to the B&B - it is a bit more laid back, though we still go to a nice restaurant where at least a sports jacket is appropriate for the guys - and we still have sex, lots of sex. (This year we are going into the city.) We make it just about us - though invariably we spend most dinners talking about the kids. (Once a parent, always a parent, I guess.) Since the holiday itself falls on a Tuesday this year - we are going to the hotel the weekend before - I will bring her home some flowers and a card and she usually makes me a special dinner and buy me some sexy underwear. (Thanks to my gf, I have what I call the world's largest underwear collection.) We also usually try to do some special surprise for each other during the weekend as well.
  • By not "celebrating" it if we don't believe in it.
  • Buy some blue roses for a red lady.

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