• The best may be a matter of opinion. There are several good ones out there. The ones you want are the ones that provide not only antivirus protection but also come with a firewall. If they don't, you will want to download a firewall program, too. Symantec's Norton Antivirus is a solid program. But this one costs $39.99 just for the antivirus software or $59.99 for the Internet Security version which includes the antivirus and firewall. By the way, Norton's website states that they are the best. So is McAfee. Some ISPs provide McAfee for free, but if your ISP does not, it's $29.99 for the antivirus or $39.99 for the total protection software. TrendMicro also has a good program ($39.95 for antivirus and $49.95 for the Internet protection), and they provide a free online virus scan (which is great if you have been on the Internet for this long without a virus protection software). for HouseCall (the free online scan) (NOTE: HouseCall does not provide protection. It just scans, but this is something you might want to do before installing an antivirus program if you haven't done so yet.) The above software licenses are good for a year, and you will need to keep paying them to use their software. This is why some people opt to use a free antivirus program. AVG also makes a pretty good (free) antivirus program.;pop Avast Antivirus is also a good one.;pop There are others out there that do similar things. Oh, by the way, if the antivirus program you download does not have a firewall, you can try one of these. ZoneAlarm Firewall: I feel a little weird recommending this because their antivirus program installs a lot of things that take control of your system. But this was given 5 stars by CNET. The user ratings are fairly high. Comodo Firewall: I don't really know anything about this, but it was given 5 stars by CNET and the user ratings are high, too. Good luck.
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