• Nope..I love babies and old folks..they are supposed to be cranky and moody and drool and all those things people seem to have a problem with..gotta love it. :)
  • Nope! I love children and one day I hope to have 3 maybe 4.
  • Nope ! I do not dislike children !! I dislike irresponsible, inconsiderate, douchebag parents who allow their children to climb the walls, raise hell, scream and disturb everyone around them in public, especially in restaurants and movie theatres. The child does not know any better. The parent however, should know better and have some consideration for other people .
  • No I love kids, but I do get irritated with those that are 9 , 10 , 11 and still wind like they are 2 or 3 and the little brats I just want to grab up and spank their rears.
  • Not at all! I love kids, especially babies. Thus why I am a mother and labor and delivery RN.

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