• Yes i would. I lost many of my ancestors to the Holocaust. I would feel better knowing that that person had been brought to justice.
  • If they had truly put it behind them and felt bad about it then they should have turned themselves in
  • I would disregard it. That's the job of the law enforcers. Unless someone breaks the law or is a threat, I have no interest in turning him in to authorities. How can we really judge people for what happened in War World II? It's a little late for retribution.
  • Being a high ranking Nazi is not illegal btw, especially in countries where there were, at least until recent times, rascist or fascist regimes, such as Rhodesia, South Africa, Spain and so on. If that person were however a wanted war criminal, yes I would turn them in to the International War Crimes Tribunal, though not to any US court.
  • If there's good money! ;)
  • I would. If he's done nothing wrong he has nothing to worry about. If he has... justice must prevail.
  • I would contact the Elie Wiesel (sp?) Foundation and give name, date and location of this person. You never put something like that behind you...never.
  • I don't think just being a Nazi is cause for turning someone in to the authorities. Number one they would likely be in their 90's and there really isn't anything you can do to a 90 year old as punishment anyway. Number two I doubt anyone who was a high ranking Nazi would even admit it so unless I tortured it out of them so I would have no way of knowing. I actually did have a neigbhbor who was in the German army during WW2. He and his wife were the sweetest people in our neighborhood. I have no idea whether he was in the regular German Army or the SS and never asked him. He once told me he was in the German Army during WW2 and that was the extent of the information he gave me. Not much info to turn someone in over. He was just a farmer and was pretty well liked in our community. They are both gone now anyway but their kids still run the farm there.
  • No. High ranking Nazi doesn't mean he was part of the holocaust. He could just be Whermacht. It was only the SS who were into jew killing.
  • No I wouldn't yo...
  • I wouldn't make that choice. I would flip a coin and let chance be the judge
  • Wow - I am stunned at the number of folks who said no. I would turn them in in an instant. There is no statute of limitations on murder. If he is investigated and it turns out he isn't a war criminal, then all's well that ends well.
  • Yup, even a 90 year old man deserves to pay for his atrocities.
  • Honestly it would depend on my personal relations with them. Dislike or disinterest, in a heartbeat. If I liked them, that would make it more difficult.
  • I'd take the opportunity to learn what happened from the German perspective. I'm willing to bet that not a single person who said they'd turn him in knows anything about the war except what they've been spoon-fed by mainstream propaganda. WW2 is the only event in history that is one-sided. No one wants to believe facts that are contrary to what they've been told to believe, so the best way to understand what really happened from the German perspective is to go directly to the source.
  • the actual Nazi were real evil and and regarded as war criminals
  • Germany has intensified the hunt of Nazis in their 90's. Nazi hunters have estimated dozens who served in the Einsatzgruppen are still alive to this year in 2021. They were members chosen for their fanatical belief in Nazi ideology. German prosecutors initially targeted the death squad leaders because of the sheer number of those involved in the genocide. If I knew a Nazi was living nearby, I would have to get to know that person to know if everything has been put behind. A person's attitude determines their character. I would think twice before calling the authorities.
  • Any rank. Yes, I would turn them in. Imagine: I'm a multiple murderer who has never been caught, never had to pay for my crimes, but "I put it all behind me". Why would you even consider not turning me in?
  • If this were a person living under cover, hiding from justice, yes, I'd turn him in. If, however, he'd not been directly involved in the Holocaust, had undergone "denazification" at the end of the war, and wasn't hiding from any authorities who were searching for him, I'd leave him alone.
  • That person would be nearly 100 years old if they moved in next to me. So I don't really see that happening. However, if I knew for certain the person was a nazi from the 3rd reich, I would turn them into the Jews.
  • In the blink of an eye I would turn them in.
  • "even if they seemed to have put it all behind them?" What does that mean - a mass-murderer put it all behind him...??? "Oh hey - all the murders, I've dealt with that and feel better about myself now. I've put it all behind me." Well, that's big of you!! WTF KIND OF QUESTION IS THIS????
  • They are criminals.
  • America took 1600 Nazis to set up eugenics, under Operation Paperclip. Nazi and SS officer Von Braun helped build rockets, so America could win the space race, it was taken from the design he originally made for rocket weaponry. So what would be the point?

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