• I think so. Thats what they are for.
  • I think so, from the mother's breasts.
  • I personally think yes, I fed both of my children, partly out of pure laziness lol all those bottles and sterilizing pfft I prefer boob out job done
  • I would think so. But i think as long as you are holding your baby it's not a huge deal, besides nutrition, as to what you do. Feeding time is bonding time with babies. the attention and holding lets them learn and understand that they can trust you, it's their first form of connection with a person, in my opinion and fact.
  • Yes it is healthier and cheaper and very conveinient for baby and mother. And the bonding is so special at breastfeeding time. I wish they would pass a law to allow women to feed their babies I feel they should make special renovations for this as they do for handicapped people this is a very natural thing. And we as women were given the breast for this purpose mainly.
  • That's why we have breasts. That's how I plan to feed my baby when I have mine.
  • It is wonderful for baby and mother. I nursed all three of mine and still miss it. I loved the bonding it created and it was always the perfect temperature. You do have to watch what you eat as onions can give the baby gas. Everything goes through the milk. I didn't drink alcoholic beverages either. It's a small sacrifice compared to the health benefits to a baby. It also lowers your chances of contracting breast cancer for women who breast fed their babies. I encourage mothers to do this. It may seem hard at first and it does hurt a little until you get used to it but they have creams you can use if that happens. Also not letting baby suck just on the end of the nipple but getting a fair amount in their mouth will keep you from getting sore. :)
  • Yes, and that much is fact. But as long as you aren't feeding them pork chops and baked potatoes from birth they should be okay. :)
  • I always found Chicken breast hard to feed to new borns.You should wait until they cut teeth....Just my opinion..... :)
  • no way!! it gives women saggy tits haha!!!
  • yes because of the anti bodies in your breast milk help to fight infections in your baby
  • I'm sure it truly is, but our culture needs to be more accepting of it and perceive breasts as mammary glands to feed children rather than sexual enhancements. I certainly won't live to see that happen!! :)
  • Yup. For Baby AND for Mom. Hell, for Dad too - as that means he never has to wake up in the middle of the night for "his turn" at fixing bottles.
  • I could write much from what I have read, but why not let your do some of the reading. the following site/s give better explinations than I ever could... I hope this helps you...
  • That depends on the particular situation. Some woman are unable to breast feed for a variety of reasons.
  • It works for me!
  • Yes, breast is best for the baby. Studies have shown that children who vreastfeed for between 18 and 24 months have higher than average IQs. According to Ginger Campbell's review of "The First Idea" on her podcast "The Brain Science Podcast," the evidence seems to suggest that at very early stages of development it is absolutely imperative that children make strong emotional bonds with figures that they see regularly, such as parents. For some reason this triggers intellectual development in humans, and children who were deprived of emotional relationships, including physical touching, do not develop regularly. Spending time with your child while brestfeeding provides not only physical touch, but the feeding itself also stimulates the production of hormones associated with love in both the mother and in the child, and the thinking is that it may be that this act of breastfeeding provides a lot of the bonds that a child needs to develop intellectually. There are many other aspects to breastfeeding, and why it is superior, but you should be able to easily find that information at a local Health and Human Services office run by your state, and so I'll leave my comments to strictly this topic. Sometimes breastfeeding is not an option, but it usually is, and if you can do, you should. You can still have a very healthy, very intelligent baby even without breastfeeding, just make sure that you are making up for it. Ask a doctor how to do this. Many women find it very difficult, even painful, but if you can stand it for the first few weeks, more than likely you won't want to let it go. I should say, I'm a man, so I've never PERSONALLY breastfed, but I've talked to a lot of women, including my wife, about this process and the ones who have breastfed did not regret it, no matter how difficult it was at times. Keep in mind that you are doing the breastfeeding for the BABY, not for you. Some discomfort on your part for the benefit of your child's welfare is something you should probably get used to.
  • Yes, especially during the first few weeks due to the colostom: The first liquid the breasts produce (starting a few months before the baby is born) actually doesn't even look like milk. Colostrum, which is yellow and thicker than breast milk, is a great example of how your body custom-makes the right nutrition for your baby. Here are some of its benefits: Colostrum has a high concentration of antibodies, especially IgA, an antibody that helps protect the lungs, throat, and intestines. Colostrum helps "seal" the permeable newborn intestines to prevent harmful substances from penetrating the gut. Colostrum is very high in concentrated nutrition. Colostrum has a laxative effect, which helps the baby pass the first bowel movements (and prevents newborn jaundice). Colostrum is low in fat, high in proteins and carbohydrates, and very easy to digest. Within a few days after delivery, your body begins to produce mature milk that takes over the work of giving your baby the necessary ingredients for healthy growth. Colostrum is still present for around two weeks; the milk produced during this time is called transitional milk.
  • YES and there are diets while feeding with breast milk and no smoking either, but some women are not as equipped to be able to breast feed and the website posted above will give you some good answers to a lot of your questions, good luck !!!

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