• Yeah, I like some of those song's(like Disturbed), but it get's on my nerves sometime. Just a bunch of noise. I can't stand that stuff where they sound demonic or whatever, can't understand what they are saying.. ++++'s
  • Its one of the unwritten rules and suggestion that you practice singing at your maximum pitch and volume at the start. It helps your vocal chord to expand much better, be able to produce a wide range of frequency and modulate the tones very smoothly as well as abruptly(flexible in both cases). Probably that's the reason they consider being able to sing at the top of your voice is better.
  • I guess my first thoughts are different than the other great answers here. I equated the question with, to me ,the overblown aerobic scales-grunts-'never actually hit a note' type of vocalizations - - like Christina Aguilera ( spelling?), who has a great voice but adds all the unnecessary exhortations that usually detract from her strong voice. And Mariah Carey's flying around the ceiling of the human decibel range.

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