• I am a midget, so seeing up women's skirts is nice. On the downside, my penis is very small. P.S. I can also kick myself in the face. <-- Advantage.
  • im a girl that is 5'8 and i have problems finding pants that are long enough. and i use to say i wouldn't date guys shorter then me. but now i have a tall boy. but i like reaching things high up. there was a cow bell hanging from the ceiling in winco and i tried so hard to get it forever it was out of reach but one day i finally reached. i was so excited
  • I'm 5'2", I can barely reach anything without a stepstool, I have a 6'4" man however so its all good ;)
  • I'm a 5'2" girl and I would say the worst thing is being able to find pants that aren't too long. Also basketball, volleyball, and trying to secure objects from high shelves. The advantage is that you can get through crawl spaces much more effectively and guys tend to think petite chicks are cute :)
  • The advantage of being as short I fit in airplane seats and other tight places. I can take clothes in if they don't fit, it's much harder to let clothes out. I use fewer resources, and am more ecologically sound The main disadvantage is that I can't reach things in high places, like the top grocery store shelf.
  • The advantage is due to the height & body frame, I can carry my weight much better. And most could never guess it. Not even the Doctors. Plus its much easier to replace high items, like most light bulbs without the use of a ladder. The disadvantage is trying to find a comfortable position driving or riding in today's smaller cars. Sometimes I feel like just pulling the front seat out, like the large guy did in the show called Police Academy.
  • I can see over most people
  • I'm 5'1 so the advantage is that I'm short enough to walk under various branches or small doorways. I can fit easily in between people in car seats, I'm lightweight so easily picked up, I feel like I'm cute? Kinda? I dunno. There are just SO many disadvantages to being short that sometimes it's a bit of a bummer. For instance, concerts are difficult to go to being this short. I think the greatest things come in small packages!
  • at 5'9" bath tubs are tight, clothing is hard to find, i hit my head on the bus and else where all the time, most beds are just 3" longer than me which is not comfortable, people always want you to get things for them because "your taller then i am"
  • i'm 5'10 so the good things are that i can reach things w/out any help, see over people, i get a lot of attention, playing sports is really fun. the bad things are that when i wear sexy heels i feel like a giant, shorter guys think i'm too tall to date, being tall attracts the haters (short jealous girls).
  • That I'm 5'10 and I can't slam dunk..LOL
  • 5'10" - advantages I can reach things on high shelves disadvantages - busses and airline seat I have to have my knees pushing on the thing in front of me... Taller than guys, can't wear heels...
  • being 5ft i think, as a woman, makes life a little more interesting and ill almost always have something that makes me a little bit different than other girls and...i know my height can look really damn cute DISADVANTAGES: 1.People thinking that just cause your small they have permission to touch you and pick you up. 2. Not being able to reach things or carry something and having to ask someone else to do it. 3. Very often being thought your a bit younger then you are. 4. Constant crappy jokes and nicknames. 5. Having to be careful and try on every piece of clothing you plan on buying because i don't fit into some clothes how they're supposed to fit. (overly long jeans, jackets with big shoulders, bangle bracelets without adjustments are almost always too big, dresses and skirts at awkward legnths) 6. Finding size 5 heels (i almost always have to buy off the internet or from the Asian mall clothing stores) ADVANTAGES: 1. Excuse to ask someone your attracted to to help with something. 2. Some people find you attractive or absolutely adorable just based on your height. 3. Always having something to talk and joke about. 4. I'll almost always look younger then i really am. 5. I can wear the highest heels and i wont look too tall. 6. I fit more comfortably in smaller seats like at theaters, buses planes, cramped restrooms. 7. Unless i get fairly over weight I'm always gonna wear smaller sized clothes. 8. IM ALWAYS GONNA SPANK YOU AT HIDE AND SEEK.
  • there arent any advantages, the disadvantages is that im 4ft5 which makes it hard to make friends or get jobs

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