• Yes, they can, and often do. There are laws as to what information about you can be told, and these laws vary by your country and state.
  • Yes. It's called reference-checking. However, it all depends on how your past employers run things on their end. Some jobsites will not disclose personal reference information, such as why employment was terminated. A lot of big corporations will only disclose your dates of employment, and verify that you were in fact an employee. You would do well to check in with your former workplaces and see what kind of reference information they give out, if you are concerned.
  • Sure, if the place is still in business. They are not supposed to do anything but verify your dates of employment because anything in excess of that could amount to slander. This is true in New York State.
  • They can, but some companies have policies that the only answers they can answer are, whether you were employed by them and whether you are re-hirable.
  • In Tennessee what questions can past future employers ask past employers?
  • Yes they can and generally will. Don't lie on your resume. If you don't want your future employer to know about your past one for whatever reason omit them from your resume.
  • Of course. They can, and do. In addition they can call for your credit report, contact your schools for transcripts, etc.
  • most applications will ask for permission to do so, but if you mention it on a resume they will call them. However, if you have an extended gap of unemployment on a resume that raises flags also, because then they think you are trying to hide something, and the imagination is almost always worse than the truth.

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