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  • Your above average kid, yes, I know it maybe a shock but you are a normal humanbeing.
  • not its like a toe
  • wow man you may not think so but your penis is a good inch and a half above normal and you should not be embaressed by what your packing, instead flaunt it. not many people have what you have
  • the average for a white adult male is 6 inches, a asian one is 5 1/2, and a black one is 6 1/2. but 7 1/2 is pretty good for 15. im also 15 and i have an 8 1/2 but im also a lil bigger than you are, 6'1 and 190. but ya ur good trust me haa
  • haha dude thats a really good size. Im 15 and im about 6 inches and the ladies are fine with it. Im 5'9" 135 lbs so ya thats good
  • Your height and weight have nothing to do with penis size. 7-1/2 inches is nothing to be embarrassed about!
  • im 15 almost 16. 6'1 230 pounds and im 8inch's bro...SO 7 1/2 for you is a great size especially since ur 5'8 and not my height u keep growing till ur older

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