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  • mobile parks are good places to live. if by middle aged you mean 55 or older then you're gonna like living in one. mobile parks have a rent that you pay every month for the land you occupy most lots are 50x100 feet.senior parks have clubhouses excercise rooms day trips if you want .the public grounds are manicured in most parks while your lot they will cut the grass . you can have a shed or 2 if you desire.the average cost of a trailer is between $15 and 40 thousand. they come in various sizes up to 12x80 feet although i prefer the double wide that is 24x50 most of the time which is on par for most single family homes there are wonderful parks in southern new jersey and eastern delaware where the winters are not so brutal. any snow is usually gone in a day or 2 because of the salty air. there are many homes in lewes delaware that are walking distance to delaware bay or the ocean. they will do a background check costing $50 and is not refundable. this knocked me out of the box for i served 16 months a few years ago so i have to find one that is not in a park but in a nice area. good luck and enjoy
  • sometimes my powerbills were over 200 dollars and ocassionally during really cold months and really hot months over 300 dollars. besides that, very nice just as cozy as a house but if bad weather comes, you have to leave it for a few hours and find a safe location. i was in a single wide mh. in texas.
  • Like you, I also live in Ma, am middle aged and up until three years ago, have always lived in a private home. My son is grown and on his own so I decided to sell my big old house and move into a mobile home park. Downsizing my posessions was tough and I had to part with a lot of things. I bought my mobile home for 50 thou. (14x72 with an added on dining room addition) and it has a bigger lot than most homes in the park. The lot fee is resonable. I had only one privacy issue in the last three years which has been resolved. The park does allow pets and Im in this process of finding the right dog for me. The whole transition was a little tough, I totally missed my garage and basement at first, but I've gotten used to it, and dealing with mobile home related things ie. skirting, how to inspect the underbelly, crawling underneath the home etc was a totally new experience, but Im learning. All in all, I find mobile home living pleasant. Good luck in your search.

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