• A Sony PlayStation 2 can be modified to play backup games. In fact, when the Sony PlayStation 2 is modified it is so much better. It can do ALOT more, such as become an MP3 Player, DIVX Player, Media Player, etc. It really is great and of course it plays backups. First of you need a mod chip, normally the mod chips will come with instructions on how to solder it onto your PlayStation 2. Once thats done (depending on the mod chip) you can just boot up any backup the same way you would load a regular game. If you don't want to do is and you are looking for someone to do it for you, I do them. I have modified over 52 Sony PlayStation 2's and my mod chips come with warranty so if anything goes wrong I guarantee you a brand new Sony PlayStation 2. I hope this information was useful, if you want to contact me then e-mail me or check out my site for more info:
  • If you're lucky, you might spot a pre-modded PS2 on ebay.
  • yeah, if you search on the internet you can find TONS of sites that are selling new PS2's w/ mod chips. Sadly, most of the sites haven't been updated since the first PS2's came out. So you're going to pay 2001 prices for what might be a 2002-2004 PS2.

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