• a rule preventing goaltenders from playing the puck behind the net beyond a trapezoid-shaped zone It is section j on the page above.
  • You mean that stupid trapezoid behind the goal that restricts the goalies ability to play the puck in the corners? I hate it with a passion! Its purpose is to prevent the goalie from going into the corners, thus taking away offensive chances from the other team because there's an unwritten rule that you do not hit the goalies and if he's chasing the puck back there he'll just pass it back up the ice to a teammate without any resistance. But if a defenseman chased a loose puck the opposing forwards would be more likely to hit him and play more aggressively for it, thus making it not so easy to clear it out of there which will in turn create more scoring chances that way. Its named after Marty because he's the best goalie in the game today at stick handling.

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