• By the time a women finds out she's pregnant the fetus has fingers, toes and a heartbeat and feels pain. Therefore it has to be a human. It can't just be a glob of cells and have those things formed and feel pain. My reasons have nothing to do with religion either
  • babies are precious and beautiful. It just doesn't feel right to kill them. I'm just as much pro-choice as I am pro-life. I don't believe it's my right telling someone what to do with their own body...unless it's my baby inside her. Then I have EVERY right. If a woman kills my baby...I'll snap her neck.
  • I'm not religious. But I think that no human should end another human's life. This is the same reason I don't support capital punishment. Ending a life is just too big of a deal. At the same time, I am pro-choice. But my choice would never be YES.
  • I am about as far from the religious type as you will find..but I still believe that killing is wrong..I dont need a bible or a list of commandments to feel that way. The life created may not be by choice..but that choice should have been made prior to making the baby..Abortion has become an all too convenient form of birth control. :)
  • If you've ever been through the Bodies museum, they have the fetus exhibit and when the Sperm and Egg come together they start to create a human being. UNLESS the Fetus is becoming a hazard to the Mother, she is responsible for that life inside of her. For taking care of it and whatnot.
  • Self-styled "pro-lifers" aren't at all pro-life. With few exceptions most are just misogynists who think a woman's life isn't worth a microscopic clump of embryonic cells, or who feel women should be punished for their sexual behavior by having to bring a child they can't afford to term. They're just anti-choice when it comes to abortion, not pro-life. (And likewise, it's pretty ridiculous to say supporters of a woman's right to choose somehow hate life.)
  • well im a big time atheist and i think obviously theres more to it than a womans body. theres a baby in there, so its pretty sad when someone kills their own kid, even though the kid is not fully formed yet.
  • See my profile.
  • moral fortitude
  • The embryo is a human being, genetically different from its mother. It's wrong to kill humans. It doesn't matter if they're an embryo, fetus, newborn, baby, toddler, teenager, young adult, middle-aged adult, or old person - it's a person. Their physical location relative to another, the method by which oxygen and nutrients are delivered to it, and the presence or absence of sentient thought cannot be criteria for humanity.
  • Belief that abortion is MURDER. You don't have to be religious to believe that.
  • Because women need to be more careful with birth control.
  • I am an atheist and I am pro choice...Oh,.. not for abortion, I am pro choice when it comes to having sex. You have the choice to engage in an activity that can lead to becoming pregnant. Doing this irresponsibly only increases those chances. So that is where the choice lies. Everything we do has a consequence There are way to many instances these days where Bail-outs are the norm. This is just another form of physical bail-outs. I am for responsibility. being accountable for your actions. dealing with the consequences. I am for a culture of fostering life NOT destroying it..
  • I look at it like this; That woman laid up there with her legs cocked open and had unprotected sex with that man knowing that if a man ejaculates inside of her that there is a possibility that she would get pregnant. Once she does she pregnant, she just nonchalantly aborts the baby, and, too often this same instance happens to the same woman more than once. If you are going to have sex, but don't want a baby, get some birth control or use a condom. It's so careless to me when a woman and man have unprotected sex then abort the baby like it's nothing. It's the taking of an innocent life and there is no getting around that. That's factual.

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