• I thought it was a realy good book..a bit confusing at the end but I loved it. The part that disturbed though was the exacution of the infant...kind of scary.
  • It's a wonderful book. I think some of the heavier symbolism is lost on its intended audience, however. Along with the Narnia books, this is one of my favorites to revisit as an adult. There are a lot of tough subjects brought up as there are in a lot of Lois Lowry's other novels. Did you like it?
  • I had to read it in 8th grade for school a few years ago. I really liked it and kept the copy. I thought it was interesting how the main character (i can't recall his name) was able to see color and the rest of the world was not.
  • I read that book in Fourth grade. I thought that the book was very boring and not interesting. It was kind of confusing too.
  • I read it for the first time to my children when they were young. We all thought it was very eerie. Not really a children's book.
  • I read it in school....since I was "forced" to read it I didn't pay too much attention, but it was still one of my favorites
  • I absolutely love that book! We read it in 6th Grade as a class, and everytime we had a question/comment, we were to write it on a Post-It note and stick it in the book. At the end of every chapter we would go over all of our questions and have a big discussion. I also love the symbolism that it presents. And, lastly, I love the ending. I especially like how Lois Lowry ended it, "stating" two different prospects on it. Jonas could have gone to heaven, or he could have made it. I think that it is definitely Lois Lowry's greatest and most-achieving book, and I enjoy reading it.
  • yes, i had to read it last year (7th grade) in english. i actually liked it alot! it was very interesting! i wish they would make a number 2!
  • I read it because it was a class asignment but it turned out to be an awesome book. It's great and a very interesting book about a glance at the future where everything is controlled and there is no war until Jonas recieves training from the Giver.
  • Another book by Lois Lowry i like is called Number The Stars. Its about a little girl (not anne frank) going through the hollocost war.
  • Another book by Lois Lowry i like is called Number The Stars. Its about a little girl (not anne frank) going through the hollocost war.
  • I read it in grade six. As I think back, and I agree with Brickson. It has a deeper meaning that is difficult for kids to understand. Overall it is one of my favourites though!
  • what happen to the last person who was chosen as receiver of memory?
  • never heard of it
  • I love THE GIVER! I think it presents a really interesting dystopian world, and it's a good beginning read for teens getting into the genre. I like how it shows that morality can be relative, that without self-awareness, people can do terrible things. It also shows the importance of emotions and of human diversity.

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