• Most likely there would be major parts replacement needed: motherboards, power supplies, and hard drives are just not very fond of cat pee.
  • How did I know this question was yours? You are pissed? Quite a funny word choice there.
  • Kill it.
  • Make sure the power is off to these items. Take them apart and rinse them in a solution of fantastic spray cleaner and water. Place them on towels and use a hair dryer set to low to dry them completely or let them air dry in a very dry environment like an oven on the very lowest setting (use care here). When the components are completely dried, reasemble them and cautiously apply power to them. This happened to a friend of mine and this is how we solved it. We had a 100% success. Items peed on were a keyboard and small USB hub.
  • turn off the power of your computer. remove the keyboard and if it is leak protected then what you can do is to turn it upside down and start wiping the liquid. Then you can open the keyboard and see if any liquid get through on the pcb. you can also use blower to quickly dry to wet part of it. For other parts... i guess you will need to replace it. Go to Blazintech ( to see what parts you need to replace.

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