• Heres the pictures of my hair I don't want to sound like a girl (no offence girls) but it's depressing the thought of cutting my hair after I worked so hard to grow it out lol.
  • If you don't mind the VERY obvious line where your dyed hair ends and your natural hair begins, then don't cut it off. However, if you want it to grow in all your natural color, so that there is never a demarcation line, then cut it off. I have recently cut off about 10" of hair myself, and it was a little hard. About 2 years ago I cut 14" off... that was harder. I know how it is to get attached to your hair, but it's not that bad. You may like it once you get used to it being gone.
  • Well, I too have black hair and found out that I have a metalic in it so am unable to go back to my natural red with out alot of damage. Do you know they type of colouring they put in your hair? As long as it doesn't have a metalic in it, it will be safe to strip (which is really hard on your hair) but can be done. Just use a really good conditioner afterwards like Joico or Redkin (those worked best to keep my hair supple after my last hair disaster)
  • Well I did it, I am slightly sad lol. I will buy that shampoo that grows your hair out fast.

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