• No our house is new and "tight".But my cats catch tons of them in the field in front of our house.
  • Yes Sometime, but they get glued :)
  • Had in the past, first there was one, I killed it with my own trap, then there was a second one, I killed it with my trap too, but the third one, omg, I couldn't catch it, it was too smart. After a while that mouse brought others. 1 turned into 3, they ate my food, took a crap everywhere, ruined my dishes... I got realy realy mad, I was living in a city, and no store sold mice traps, damn, it got me pissed off. So one day I went to visit my mother who lives outside the country.. she bought me some "rat food". So I put rat food everywhere, from where they came in and voila! 4 days they ate rat food, but now they're all dead, atlast!
  • No I do things to make sure that I do not.
  • I did one time, but my cat took care of it.
  • Well deb my house is new as well and I swear its open house on the little crap terds! Thing is anytime there is anytype of construction near where you live, it up roots their natural living and they seek shelter where ever they can keep warm. No matter how air tight (or new)your home is, a mouse of the wild kind will gladly prove you incorrect and show themselves in uninvitingly!
  • We live in Maine in the sticks. We get mice every winter. It is the local rodent version of going south for the winter. I just consider it kitty entertainment.
  • yeah sometime
  • No we don't get mice. Sometimes ANTS.
  • i have a pet one........
  • Well we have two cats and we found a small mouse nest when we moved the washing machine to clean it.Some alert cats eh?
  • Not in the 19 years I've lived here.
  • Only the ones the cats bring in as gifts. Nice! even nicer when they bring in baby rats - gawd they're ugly!
  • I went to war with the mice at the beginning of the year! I don't know what the deal was because we never had this problem before & have lived here for 8 years but we were constantly seeing mice. I went around where all the pipes came into the house & the water spickets outside & sprayed that foam that expands & hardens & then I put out Decon & those sticky pads all over. In one night I caught five baby mice on one pad, you couldn't even see the pad, it was gross! But anyway after a few weeks the war was won. No more Mice!
  • I have about 50 cats....I haven't seen a mouse in years.
  • only when my cat brings them in

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