• In the military I got 30 leave a year and I took it all at once.
  • I woke up on a monday to go to class in college. I was just leaving the dorm and a friend rolled up in his beat Chevy ll. He asked me if I wanted to go to Mardi Gras (900 miles away). I ran back upstairs grabbed some clothes and $45 bucks I had in the desk and we booted. 10 days later I came back to shool. It was great.
  • To Macon, Georgia. It was taken with my mom and aunt about 3 years ago and surprisingly nice! We saw Plantation houses, shopped at an Amish woodworking store, and even ate dinner on a Mennonite farm open to the public as a B&B! I was prepared to have a crappy time, but it was nice :]
  • Last September in Provincetown on Cape Cod.
  • 4 years ago I took a month long vacation to a cabin in the woods by a lake. I need to do that again very soon.
  • The one that seems to come to mind is the motorcycle trip I took to St. George, UT, and then on to Parker, AZ. and home. The first day was a 853 mile day and the second day, I rode 903 miles to finish up a 1756 mile weekend .... my personal two-day best on two wheels. (although not the goal of the 1983 trip)
  • Flew to Las Vegas on Fri nite returned Sun afternoon 22,000 dollars richer - the rest of the story stays in Vegas

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