• I let it go...what else can you do? If a friendship is like beating a dead horse whats the point?
  • I don't. Gradually the phone calls stop coming, you don't miss them, they don't miss you, you stop talking to mutual friends. You just let it go.
  • there's some things in life you can't control, no matter how close you are to someone, eventually things dwindle and die out the best thing to do is just let things happen and hope things will work out in the end. ;)
  • I quietly and politely ease away from it, allowing it, positively, to become a joint decision.
  • Just let it happen naturally. The only thing you can do is, accept it, and move on. Theres a better one out there for you.
  • I slowly disconnect myself from that person. Less phonecalls, and invites.
  • Move without leaving a forwarding address.
  • I have been in this position in the past, and I simply slowly disengage from situations with the former friend. When friends have asked me about my lack of involvement (usually when they didn't feel the same way I did) I have answered them honestly and explained that I didn't have much more to offer them in the way of friendship and suggested that we both move on.
  • They just kind of fizzle.
  • get involved in different things, its normal to grow apart but you might grow closer later so you may not want to eliminate them totally
  • I let it fade away, and probably lose a few tears. Its part of your life, and watching them end is the same as losing a boyfriend or girlfriend (sometimes even worse)
  • you let go of it

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