• Very good question. But what would you be celebrating in white history month?
  • not any more than it is to have 'black history month' but people would view it as racist. i think they would anyway. i could be wrong.
  • It wouldn't be racist as much as it would be redundant. It's minorities (including women)that have been left out of his-story.
  • You would certainly get a lot of people who think so. I can only guess that the thinking about having Black History Month is that we are taught mostly "white history" in public schools and the Powers That Be want to make sure we also learn about the history of other cultures. So every month is already "white history month" in the US.
  • yes it would because you can only have special history for minority ethnicities. History is by its nature 'white'and written from that point of view
  • Easy Question to answer really White History isnt the best history really is it the british empire enslaved plenty of ppl they thought where inequal to themselves. Same with america alot of racism is built into there history im not saying there culture now is racist. The point being it wouldnt really be racist to have a white history month but white history is pretty much just racism. I do not agree with racism in any way shape or form btw
  • Yes, just like it is to promote the history of any "race" over another for that month. How on earth is this supposed to promote unity??? Giving any "race", be it "white" or "black" or asian or middle-eastern special attention based solely on the color of their skin is racist.
  • Every month of the year is white history month.
  • I don't know why we don't?!..a United Honkey College Fund would be cool too
  • White History Month just has a racist sound too it. I think if you got more specific with it people would probably not have a problem with it. Like I believe you could have an Irish history month and no one would really care.
  • Since white people have not been historically discriminated against, and excluded from what is taught as history, such an event would seen pointless to me.
  • (((yawn))) First...the mad Rev. THIS ancient question... Do you really think anyone CARES anymore?
  • why don't we just make every month a different history month? There's more than just blacks and whites living in america! Why not Japanese History Month or Spanish History Month?! These ethnicities live here as well and have contributed to our society
  • "WHITE" is not a culture. WTF?! Black history means African American history. We come to this country via a common historical vessel: literally and figuratively, a slave ship. We have developed a common culture from that ship to here. Our diverse cultures prior to that were erased in hate. "White" people are Italian, Irish, Transylvanian, Lithuanian, Finlandian. What kind of ignorance is it to establish a month based up your skin color?
  • it's certainly not needed because most history books are almost exclusively about white history anyway. that's slowly changing since i've been to school, and maybe it may change enough that we wont need any special history month. that would certainly make things easier, wouldn't it? ;)

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