• it depends on how dizzy you are. if you are falling over then yes go to the ER but if your able to walk and do life tasks and everything, just make an appointment to see the doctor. good luck! being dizzy is a scary feeling!
  • 4 days is a long time- I am unsure of your age or other medical conditions but being dizzy is definitely not normal. I would advise you to go to the ER and have them assess your condition. They will run blood tests and other tests and if everything is OK they will send you home. If not, at least you will know something right away.
  • YES; I'd get to an E/R or an Urgent Care facility as soon as possible ... There ae a number of things this could be from your described symptoms ; so no use guessing . However; tell the doctor you see that you are livng on Red Bull ...BAD FOR YOU !! Even the fat Free !! TOO much sugar .. too many carbs which = SUGAR .... Good Luck !
  • i would go to the er so they can help you figure out whats going on
  • Yes a doctor if you can last ER if you cannot, most likely it's your sinus, had dizzy spells myself and it was a sinus infection. also dehydration
  • It could be sinus or inner ear infection, Labyrinthytus. I have had both problems. Frontal sinus almost killed me one time. If they had erupted it would have sent sinus direct into my brain and killed me. The labyrinthytus just makes you very dizzy and if not treated could cause deafness. I suggest you go to your doctor soon.
  • i would go to the er, you might have an ear infection making you dizzy

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