• Of course I've been a hypocrite a few times in my life. But I'm aware of such and am willing to face the music of such. And I try to not be one too darned often. But yes I do. Mr. "Christian Morality is SUPERIOR Morality", had no problem getting his wife's sister pregnant out of wedlock. I've never been such a big freaking hypocrite as to go so far as to idolise anything Republican and to demonise Democrats for doing exactly what everyone else does.
  • Actually I'll talk about two hypocrites on ab: kljoi cnmlajflakuoi klajfoiqj o lf;jfl;q fiooihvvnakl klfjlakuoiq;lfjlaks;orpp vnopirtyqpnvalksjfoia; kljfiaofj;aja sklj[qojtg so then, kalsfjopaij ofhqwyryhl;ayfuiahf;ajh;l;l ...and thats all I have to say about the matter. ;)

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