• target or walmart should have the necessary charger for purchase. As for a quick charging in the store... probably not
  • Radio Shack sells universal chargers. Try there. I also have Virgin Mobile Pay-as-yo-go. For the little that I use a mobile phone, it suits me fine. Most of their phones are so cheap, that I'd suggest that you buy a second one to replace the charger. I have an old "Oyster" that works great, and is so easy to use that I have no desire to replace it with a newer model. If your phone is discontinued, then just consider buying a replacement phone. You can log on to and key your new phone's MSID and your new phone will be activated without changing your number or plan or losing your cash balance.
  • Chargers are widely available at all sorts of places. Large Tescos have them, market stalls that sell mobiles and upgrades have them, you can buy them from Amazon etc. You need to know the manufacturer of the phone (Nokia, Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola etc) not the network supplier (Virgin).
  • If you dont have any luck buying chargers from retail stores, ebay does everything, and usually the buy it now price is cheaper than the RRP in stores(if there is one) tell me how it goes :)
  • Try ebay. thats the best bet!

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