• Live concerts the Doors used the following: Early years: Vox Continental Organ and the Fender Rhodes Piano Bass (on top). Approximately 1968 on....Gibson G101 Organ with the Fender Rhodes Bass on top.
  • Ray Manzarek of the Doors played piano at first, then in 1966 got a Vox Continental and used a Fender Rhodes Piano bass. Because the keys on the Vox kept breaking and he would have to repalce the Vox...up to 6 times according to Manzarek, he switched to the Gibson G101/Kalamazoo organ and contractor to popular belief, he didn't switch in 1968. HE can be seen using the Gibson as early as August 1967. He used this through the end of the Doors career in 1971,but occasionally would use the Vox in 1969 althouh the G1bson was his main organ to perform with live. In the studio, he used whatever was available from Fender Rhodes piano, Wurlitzer piano to a Hammond C3( not a B3 as most think)
  • I saw Ray Manzarek perform live just less than six months before he passed. I forget what keyboard he used. You might try to Google that one, though.

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