• Stop shaking them !
  • becuase when u shake it it releases gas inside the can...pressure builds up and when u open it, the pressure and gas is released...this is why it fizzes....i think - i dont think that really helps
  • Because of the carbonation, know, the category you put this question in.
  • Try this site it explains it ok:
  • Drinks that fizz, usually soft drinks like soda or energy drinks, are carbonated before they are bottled or canned. Carbonation is defined as a process brought about by CO2 (Carbon dioxide); CO2 dissolves from the air into H2O (water)which forms a weak acid and therefore CO2 bubbles in your drink that like to burst away when freed again. I'm not completely sure about the actual process a manufacturer completes. Hope it helped!
  • carbonation is the cause of the frizz

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