• Yes. I've done that plenty of times. . but I actually did work. . not so much tried.
  • Yes, always, had a busy job which meant time off was impossible. Fat lot of good it did me I am now unemployed!!
  • Yes, but I've also been sick and just stayed home
  • Yes, but with some sickness, you just cant, you dont have the energy.
  • i am actually sick of working which is different, i wanna go and retire .... i am only 25 though...
  • Now what do you think?
  • Yes, more times than I can count. I only stay home if I have a fever or if I'm throwing up.
  • Often!
  • Yep, but I usually end up coughing horribly and blowing my nose, to the dismay of those around me! It's tough to do my work properly when I'm sick, but I toil away anyhow. I only stay home if I'm constantly vomiting, have a fever and feel dizzy----that is, when I have a flu or something like that, but not a cold.
  • Yes - no sick days :(
  • I've done it for years. The last time I took a sick day was about 4 years ago when I had Lasik vision surgery and only because of the discharge instructions (drops, rest, etc.).
  • yes, for me it is better to go to work sick and then hang in there for eight hours...or go home sick at lunch time. and see a doctor and get the rest of the week off. work especially good over a payday weekend. i am too sick to pick up my paycheck. man, he must be really sick.
  • I think we all have. I've worked in a sandblasting helmet with strep throat (could have infected anyone who wore the helmet after me) then had to stand a watch all night where I had to answer the phone with no voice. Again breathing on a phone that was never cleaned! I've served food in a restaurant and delivered pizza with pink eye and strep throat! As a manager my crew has been infected because people didn't stay home when they should have. I guess its o.k. if you're insulated, but I don't want my employment staff decimated by a typhoid Mary who loves their money more than the health of their co-workers. You also heal faster if you get the treatment and rest you need for proper recovery right away.
  • yes , ive done that

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