• no. every story is different. Many are forced by things beyond their control like extreme medical expenses
  • Not at all. My mom did when I was little. She tried to live outside of her means, but she just wanted me to grow up with nice things in a nice place. Good question.
  • I only do when one starts right back on the path to credit or they buy all these things before they declare because they want to have them - knowing they do not have the money for such items.
  • No, not if it is due to circumstances beyond their control. Now I had a friend and she and her husband would buy, buy, buy and then declare bankruptcy. I believe they did it 3 times, so then I did look down on the practice.
  • Bankruptcy could come to anyone of us, especially in these difficult times. I would not look down on anyone going through that nightmare.
  • no. I have had to file. families have had to file. In this economy I am afraid a lot more people will be filing before it gets any better. Some people save, buy thrifty and still have no choice..they have a ton of medical bills and they have no I don't. They make is much harder now to do it so if they qualify ok.
  • Not at all - it can happen to anybody anytime. Besides who am I to judge someone else? I just pray for them and anyone else who is experiencing difficulties. +5
  • 90 % of our clients are people who live beyonds their means, 5 % lost their job, 5 % became handicap or struggling with medical bills.
  • I try to look down on Donald Trump but his hair really scares me.............
  • NO WAY.
  • hmm.. I would like to say no, but honestly, I dont know I know that things can happen, but most of the time when ppl go bankrupt it is bc they have lived beyond their means
  • Only if they're shorter than me. :)
  • Only if they been out partying all the time. Buying expensive rims for their cars, the cars they lease the new model every year. Always going to expensive restaurants. Never walking or taking public transportation, always calling cabs. Buying underwear and using them once. Clothes they use 3 or 4 times or out of season then they gotta throw them away. Buying new game systems all the time and every game they come use on it including the ones they would never play. Them I laugh at.
  • No. I help a person out. Instead of her paying 29.9 % on a loan after she filed bankruptcy I help her out. She only pays me 350.00 a month for 3 years.

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