• good question...but driving also kills, owning guns kills and alcohol kills....
  • It doesn't necessarily. All of relatives were smokers and lived till old age.
  • It doesn't kill you instantly... it's a gradual thing. The tobacco industry is big money.... employs a lot of people and pays a lot of taxes.
  • So can driving a car or flying, smoking doesn't necessarily kill you but it helps!
  • its just because....dude
  • In short... Because people are allowed to kill themselves if they want to. Our lives are just that, *Our* lives; they do not belong the government.
  • why are cars legal? they can kill you too. why is alchohol legal? kills.
  • Good question. Because the government makes huge revenue out of taxes on cigarettes. The government is therefore acting like a drug-dealer profitting off someones addiction.
  • Because if you try to make me stop I will kill YOU. Look, lots of people hear that bacon is bad for you, and then they never have it again. BS! Diet and all, and then enjoy your bacon sometimes. It's not a contest to see who can live the longest. It is life. Living life and doing the things you want to do without dying all too soon. Some people like to smoke. Others drive real fast. Some do pot likes it's a national subculture and others live on fast food. All to much attention is on chastising smokers and not enough on going after child molesters, murderers, and serial killers. You know, the bad guys.
  • It only kills about half the people who smoke regularly. Why are fries legal? They can kill you. Why are firearms legal? They can kill you. There is no simple answer. It has been said that about half the foods and drugs we currently use would not be allowed onto the market if they were being introduced as new products today. I guess the simplest explanation is that, in the absence of the political will to make them illegal, they have been 'grandfathered.'
  • Because if an individual wishes to greatly increase their risk of dying early then that is no-one's business but their own. Of course it is a big tax revenue as well so there is a pragmatism from governments on the issue. However as to why it is wrong to ban smoking the first reason is the biggie. Banning smoking in public places, I don't have too much of a problem there as there is very strong evidence it can harm others. But it would be very worrying if governments were to start to legislate what you can and cannot do to your own bodies. Which they do already to an extent and it is very worrying. It is none of the government's business at the end of the day.
  • The same reason why half the stuff we do can kill us. And besides, smoking is big business. There's nothing cheap about nicotine, tar, and arsenic. Smokers pay big bucks to screw up their health while building the pension funds of tabacco company executives.
  • Dirnk can kill ya if you did it too much. I'm not a smoker but i dont care if others do, There are ppl who have smoked all there life and died at 90. And other who have never smoked and die of lung cancer... a lot of things can kill you that are legel
  • Because in America we do not makes things illegal simply because it harms the user. The only things we make illegal in America are things that harm society (i.e. people other than the user), and only when that harm outweighs the benefit to society.
  • Are you serious? Sex can kill you. Food can kill you. A person can kill you. A dog can kill you. Electricity can kill you. A vehicle can kill you. Do I need to go on? Or do you get it yet? Everybody has a right to do their thing, so long as it is not purposely hurting someone. As far as I'm concerned there's a lot of things that should be legal but are not. It's up to everyone individually to do what you do within reason and safely. And not subject others to it. The day they say I can't have my 5 cigs per day... Is the day I will leave this country. This is the kind of thing our ancestors hated in other countries. GIVE ME FREEDOM, OR GIVE ME DEATH!!!
  • Governments make a killing out of them...
  • If it were new on the market it would be illegal.
  • The death part is incidental. Same thing with driving a car. Driving kills lots of people, but it's legal and nearly everyone does it.
  • Big money talks!

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