• ok im imagining...
  • I sure do ... and; there IS evidence of it being held at Wright patterson Air force base just outside dayton, Ohio ..... about 100 plus feet below the ground of a heavily guarded "SECURITY HANGER". Project "Blue Book" was headquartederd at Wright Pat .. and some of those files can lead to NO other conclusion.
  • I believe this has already happened and they are among us. Peaceful not violent. Wanting to learn and not take over.
  • We'll have plenty of time to communicate before actual, physical contact. I'd hope we'd learn from each other before first contact. But we probably won't, which will result in a conflict of some type.
  • They will move into the White House.
  • We'd probably try to kill them. Or, all of the humans would panic with fear. Maybe even kill themselves. Scientists would like to dissect one no doubt. Some of the religious would pray for their lives, the others would try to convert them. And the politicians would talk.
  • Hopefully they will find me and share their art and music.
  • I think all nations would embrace the visitors in the spirit of peace. While at the same time forming committees committed to reverse engineering their technology in order to defend our-selfs, or in order to launch a preemptive strike, just in case.
  • We would be dumb asses and kill it or get killed in the process. Hell we can't stand others of our own kind. Throw in little green men and watch the fireworks fly.
  • Our government will tell them to shut up and only talk to them.
  • hopefully, they find someone really stupid first who dosen't care, then slow ly their existance is leaked onto the world, if not then, hello planet-wide destruction
  • Humanity would drop a collective duce in our shorts, and then try and negotiate our surrender....I mean a non-agression pact.
  • well there might be chaos when the news came out- also rumors galore. people would probably freak out in a big way. also religions would start some kind of crazy crap because they are all about to be proved wrong. your scenario could destroy society, but I really hope it wouldn't , and I am willing to take the chance in a big way even if really bad things happen.
  • They would see we would probably be a scourge to the galaxy just like we have been to our own planet and euthanase us all. Protecting all the other races from us.
  • What will happen to whom, what will happen to us, or what will happen in general...Chances are high life is teaming throughout galaxies, (DRAKE'S EQUATION) and these upper civilizations were once civilizations young and not even started on the civilization classification order. If we manage to pass the test of Atomic Knowledge and not annialate our own species, than chances are good we too will make it to a higher civilization one day, and live amongst the kings.

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