• Unlikely. Nine months is just a ballpark estimate. Assuming they both carry full term, there's no knowing when they'll actually give birth. Of course, I suppose you could schedule them for c-sections...
  • Let us know how it turns out.
  • i bet the chances are far greater of it NOT happening then it happening.
  • the odds of you getting laid at all are mighty slim, two would take a total defiance of the odds - lets just say less than zero
  • FIRST OFF, I'd like to say I hope this question is not 'true' and only rhetorical......if not, you are a DICK of the highest class for doing you plan on SUPPORTING THESE KIDS UNTIL they're at least 18??? did you ever think of using a damn condom? having a vasectomy? masturbating? Obviously not......I feel sorry for the ladies involved and even sorrier for the poor children!!!!!!!

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