• Christianity, but to be fair, it's the major one where I live. If I lived in the middle east, I'd probably say Islam.
  • Any one that is intolerant of other religions and/or believes that its members MUST convert others.
  • religion = relationship with one's God and their community... why would I hate a relationship ? I am not jealouse of no relationship to be hating on it ...I also like my relationship.!
  • Call me politically incorrect, but the Aztec one where they'd rip hundreds of live people's hearts out in a day to appease their mean gods.
  • I dislike Pentecostal churches of all types; yes, even Assembly of God. Truly, I probably don't dislike them. They just leave a bad taste in my mouth. Down-rating for a legitimate question is in poor taste. Booh, bitches.
  • Atheism.
  • I do not dislike any religion . Each person has the RIGHT to believe as he or she believes . I look at it as we are all trying to reach the same point ... just taking different directions ...
  • I do not know enough about a lot of religions so I cannot make judgments.
  • Any of them that proclaim that one is damned if not a member. ;-)
  • i read mostly all religions.i like all because every religion want make us a good person. i m Muslim and i read holy quraan.holy quraan says that don't say bad to another means to say bad to other religion is haram.nobody Muslim cannot say bad to other religion.
  • this is such a weird question....
  • I can't say I dislike any religion per say because most have good and bad points in and of themselves and a wide variety of people good and bad. The rare particular sects within certain religions I dislike. Christian Identity (Christian theology twisted into white supremacy) and Wahhibism in Islam leave a bad taste in my mouth. For me it is most ya mixed bag. I love the rich history of hinduism and some of the more positive messages but i really loathe the caste system. i think I will just steal Philosopher-saint's answer and say i dislike any that claim I am damned if I don't follow their beliefs.
  • All of the desert religions: christianity, islam, judaism.
  • I dislike the Baptists for yelling at you saying you are going to hell unless you join them. And then they are so judgemental on even other christians, and then they gossip about people in their own church, they are so anxious to see people fail it seems. The mormons bother me because they won't let women preach. As if we are second class or something. They also are predjudice against dark skinned people. That is all sickening to me. I really don't care for catholics because they are so sheep like. They cant even talk to God directly. They must confess to nosey priests. (no wonder these preists are sexually out of control. Any religeon that makes people be celebate... well it's not natural and bound to get ugly. I do however think that of the christian religeons these are the sweetest people. I don't know much about Islam. Except what we see in the media. Some guy believes if he murders 1500 people he will get 12 virgins on the other side. That says to me that women are not equal. Which doesn't suprise me because that whole end of part of the world does not treat women equally. At the same time I think all religeons are doing the same thing. Just serving people as best they can. They all lead to God in some way shape or form. Personally I don't see what the point of choosing a religeon has to do w/spirituality. If you want to know God... Get to know yourself... MEDITATE. Go straight to the source and forget about religeon which is only other peoples ideas anyway. :)
  • Since all religions are made made, I'm not particularly attracted to any of them.
  • Oh where should I begin... how bout that Catholic regime, there's a good one to start with.
  • My own, catholics.
  • Jehovahs Witness. >:(
  • Christianity because its managed to get the most beleivers.
  • I try to be fair and dislike them all equally.
  • Jehovah's Witness. They will even cut their own child's face out of photos if the child is disfellowshipped! They aren't supposed to talk to them, or about them if this happens as does sometimes when they turn 18 and have freedom. I have seen this first-hand. What a messed up group that says they are closer to God, and know the way. They claim the group that writes the Watchtower magazine has TWO way conversations with God! Ever see any emotions on the young men's faces when they come to your house? Pretty sad how they are brainwashed.
  • I don't dislike any of them. I just don't believe in any of them.
  • I don't dislike any religions.
  • None, who am I to judge?

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