• Recycled paper of either suitable quality or sufficient quantity to suit our large-scale printing operation is presently unavailable. Since recycled paper is also up to 20 percent more expensive than paper made from virgin fiber, it will no doubt be some time before it is commonly used for production printing. Nevertheless, where possible, waste paper from our printeries is sold for recycling. And substantial quantities of recycled materials are also used in the production of covers for our hardbound publications.—
    • Arimatthewdavies
      You may or may not be aware of this but in the paper manufacturing process ground up cellulose which has been reclaimed from Old paper products is often added to the mix. The recycled paper logo is pretty much a gimmick to get people to spend more money thinking that they're helping the environment. The truth be known is that a great deal of recycled cellulose goes into the mix of your brand new paper anyway.
    • Arimatthewdavies
      I also want to add that the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's witnesses encourages Jehovah's witnesses to turn in old magazines and old publications so that it can be shipped to the recycling center and converted to paper pulp. As I said recycled paper pulp adds bulk to the mix. Whether you think that you're buying brand new paper or not that's not usually the case a place that makes paper gets their cellulose from A supplier and recycled cellulose and brand new cellulose ends up in the same batch. For the purposes of advertising and making a profit there are companies that advertise that they are making their paper out of 100% recycled materials
  • All the printed matter produced by the Watchtower Society is for the benefit of people OUTSIDE the organisation, those who are witnessed to, and accept the publications. the Society is at the forefront of transferring Bible information to C/D's and even DVD's. Where once each brother and sister had to have a large library of printed matter, to be current in knowledge, now most is contained in a single C/D. J.W's DO recycle their own copies of the publications but have little control over publications that are distributed to the public. We trust in God that they reach those people who will take advantage of the information.
  • You've already asked this question and had two perfectly good answers:
  • Why not just return to the mode of horse and buggy to transport the literature instead of using a shipping department that delivers by a truck that burns diesel fuel? Jehovah's Witnesses leave the situation in Jehovah's hands where it belongs. Recycling where required is up to each person's civil responsiblilty and conscience. Let's not get too crazy on this. I am not giving up my vehicle any time soon. For anyone that is worried about paper, let's look at he glossy magazines and newspapers that go through countless huge rolls of paper. If you are worried about paper, go read the articles on line at
  • You can listen to podcasts of the articles based on the Bible at The Jehovah's Witnesses are happy to save resources... this prevents the info from needing to be put on paper or disk for many.
  • As noted in the answer provided by seahorse on 2/8/2009, I saw that answer in Awake 2/8/1990. I do not know about now, but at that time recycled paper of suitable quality or sufficient quantity was not available. I do not know if it is available now or if they use it now, what is your source for them not using recycled paper now? That was part of the answer of seahorse also, not just the price.
  • the Society is using electronic media more and more, thus reducing the amount of paper that is consumed... C/D's, DVD's. Many people are still unsure of anything to do with the paper trail is the only way to go. And would it be proper to ask the people you place magazines with to make sure they are recycled...that would be rude.
  • I do not believe that the new Watchtowers and Awake! Magazines use recycled paper. I have toured the printery several times over the years and I do know that all scrap paper is recycled ( it has been for many years),and that when the printing was being done in Brooklyn, the Watchtower exceeded the clean air laws of the city.
  • i am not sure how much recycling is done with the magazines. however, having family that have been bethel members and having stayed in the living quarters with them they are required to recycle everything. they have different trash bins for plastics, and aluminums, etc.
  • Hi Linnett, sorry if I judged too harshly myself ,, it did seem that every question you asked was a criticism,, our organistion is a loving brotherhood but all are imperfect and make mistakes ,I hope things are working out for you and your husband .
  • maybe they just didnt think of it
  • All excess printed matter is recycled...and the current trend is towards electronic methods. [ e.g. ] Each J..W. brother, holding a position of responsibility, now has a computer with printer paid for by himself, to download important information. The WATCHTOWER magazine will now consist of only three issues per year...All Bible study students are directed to the website... The society is well aware of printing costs.
  • Their goal is to increase the number of their converts not save trees.
  • Friend Jehovah's witnesses do use recycled paper they own one of the most advanced printing and distribution systems on the entire planet Earth call MEPS! And the congregations have asked the people to bring old literature and so they can be shipped back to the society and recycled.

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