• No. Who cares what the other people think.
  • People only make fun of you if they like you. No let them joke with you... as long as they are laughing WITH you its cool.
  • No, for two reasons: 1) You should be who YOU want to be, not who others want you to be. 2) I've heard that many people find accents sexy.
  • i don't notice it in your typing.
  • Always, always be yourself. Only sheep follow the herd.
  • I love a good southern accent. I wouldn't change unless professional reasons were concerned. And as stated, people tease because they like you. While others go to ridiculous lengths to be different, you already ARE!
  • Definitely don't change. You are who you are and if they are going to be immature then maybe tell them how rude you think it is. Personally, I think accents are cute.
  • Just be yourself. I come from New Zealand and migrated to Australia. The Aussies love to pull jokes about the kiwi accent. I don't mind them though, as long as it stays like that. In the end we all share a laugh and I get along with them just fine. Don't worry about others, just ignore them. Thats all they are after anyway, is just attention.
  • Keep it - it's unique! I'm from Memphis and spent a lot of time in Mississippi when I was growing up. Even though I've lived in California for the past twenty years, I still have a bit of a drawl and sometimes, I wish I had a stronger one. Why? Because the English language has a few really good phrases that can only be pulled off by someone with a Southern drawl. Tallulah Bankhead had it wired. Tell me >> in Gone with the Wind, how effective would, "Yankees!! At Tara?!!" or "As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again!!" have sounded if Vivien Leigh had spoken those lines with her native British accent? You can always call me and talk if you want someone to appreciate the way you sound:) Maybe some of it will rub off on me:)
  • Nah, man! Be proud of your heritage. I too love do hear a nice accent once in a while, instead of California Valley girls', "Oh my, like, gawsh! Did he, like, seriously say that? OH MY GAWSH! No, like, way! Okay, like totally, I be, like right over!
  • keep it love. I was born in Pittsburgh, PA but I was homeschooled for a good while by my parents who moved to America from England a year before I was born. I have an "Accent" I'm told (but I continue to insist that *they* are the one's who have accents) and am constantly being made fun of. I just say "what the hell does it matter how i talk as long as it's in the same language as you" and that usually gets them to shut up.
  • No way. It's part of what makes you, you. Why bow to people who have nothing better to do than make fun of somebodys accent? Change it only if YOU want to.
  • OH HELL are you and that's that.......enjoy your true self and your life............. always be yourself......that always confuses people......LOL.... never be something you aren't.......... be true to yourself, ALWAYS..............
    • BRG
      and I meant to add, they're not worth knowing if they can't accept you as you are!!!!!!

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