• Yes, I did (I got a Huge bruise from the shot this year). Yes, I think it helps.
  • I never have. I actually dont understand how it can help much, our bodies have become immune to the small virus called a flu. It only takes a few days or weeks for our bodies to kill the virus itself. Perhaps for a small child they may need it, but i highly doubt it. I am no doctor, just my thoughts on the issue
  • I received a flu shot in 2000 as everyone told me with new strands of the virus were very bad and even though I never ever had the flu before I felt better safe then sorry so took the shot. Three days later I came down with a very bad flu that kept me in bed for a solid week. I have never taken another and have not had a bad case of the flu since but I always do come down with a minor case every year since I got the shot.
  • I have received one every year for about 20 years...and I have never had the I guess they work.
  • Yes! I just got a flu shot last Wednesday. Does it help? Yes, I think it has helped my doctor become a little bit richer ;) Kidding aside, I hope flu shots do help. I've paid a pretty huge amount for it. It should be worth the price and the pain.
  • No I don't get the flu shot. I believe if you are a high risk (meaning: health problems) then you should have it, it could be helpful. I believe if you are healthy than you should be able to fight it, if it comes along! Lots of vitamin C and rest is a good way of staying away from the flu. :)
  • I never used to until a few years ago when my doctor convinced me to do so. I don't get the flu a LOT, but I figured it couldn't hurt. Funny thing is, not only have I not had the flu since, but I've only had a sinus infection 1 time since....and I used to get sinus infections about 4 times a year.
  • I have never received one,nor never will.To me it is like injecting poison into the body.Sometimes the body will get the flu and like in the olden times the body cures itself.These shots should not be forced upon school children ,especially when most parents object to this happening.
  • Nope and nope.The last time I got a flu shot I got the flu, so no thank you.
  • Yes I get them constantly. I just got one like a month ago.
  • i work for the nhs so we get them from work im not sure if it made a diff tho
  • Yes! I once got sick with the flu about a month after getting the shot. Within hours I was normal again and out Christmas shopping with wet hair. I believe that the shot averted a full blown case of the flu.
  • No , Stillme . I have no idea , but I think it does :)
  • I have gotten them in the past but quit doing it. I use flu nosodes instead, usually the exact one for the year's flu coming up. They work very well as when I use it, I don't get the flu. When I don't I often get sick.
  • I get one every year. I haven't had the flu since I've gotten the shots, even when co-workers had it.
  • Nope, i never got it and i wanna keep it that way. My opinion is, dont get it if u dont need it. I hate jags myself, so i try to keep them away as much as possible... of course the flu shot can be good for people who really need it, but not for me, not yet anyway..
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  • When I used to take the flu shot (over three years ago) it was about 50-50. Half the time it worked, half the time it failed. It increased the odds of not getting the flu, so I guess it was worth it. Now I wear the surgical mask everytime I go out, been flu-free the last three years, so the shot is redundant.
  • Yes, I've been getting the flu vaccine on an annual basis for the past 10 years. I had the flu when I was a kid, and it was an awful experience
  • NO! I won't let them pump poison into my body!
  • Yes I did, and I have been getting them every year for at least 25 years. After a bad case of flu nearly killed me, I started getting the shot and haven't had a case of it since.
  • I take it every year.
  • never had it in my life ..
  • I get whatever shots they tell me I need. The flu shot used to be mandatory when I was in the Navy. I took it every year and never got the flu so they work for me.

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