• mine sucks!!from january to april..spring summer is much better and then its better.
  • My ferocious sense of humor reminds me why I am here, even when I am serious I try to be as sarchastic as possible in my responses, it all relates to the entertainment value and knowledge within a given response, thats what the lil kitty reminds me of when im on here. When you see the lil three eyed oracle, ----> you can bet your gonna get my honest response as if you asked me to my face.
  • Sadly I have serious bad case self esteem after getting out of a mentally abusive relationship - I'm trying to get back on track -
  • I hate myself. I supose that would mean my self esteem isn't too good. Why I feel that way is because I can never find love, and the one time I did - she turned around and slept with someone... which was also illgal... she was 13 at the time and he was 18. But, I'm getting of the topic - I have bad self esteem because I just frankly hate myself.
  • I have been known to have a very low self esteem. My ex husband made sure I thought I was less than I really was. After my divorce I developed a backbone and realized that I am someone special and I do matter. My self esteem has risen far beyond my dreams. I am so proud of myself for overcoming the negativity that I felt and moving forward in my life. Yah me.
  • Somewhere in the middle. I was brougt up to be humble, not to be prideful and always avoid problems and appologze even if it wasn't my fault. I have been learning the last few years to be more self confident and progressive but it is a long uphill battle.
  • I have a good self-esteem because I have risen above the people and things that gave me bad self-esteem and decided I deserve a whole lot better! :)
  • I have pretty good self esteem. Sometimes I feel a little low but then again everybody feels bad once in a while. I think I've always had good self esteem because my mom, aunts, and may. They taught me to find happiness within myself and not to depend on others to make me feel good about myself.
  • Pretty low, but I believe it was due to the fact so much was expected of me when i was young. i had a permanent fear of failure . I also had 3 very pretty sisters and was always being told how beautiful they were For years I have had somebody who loved me to boster and support me Now i will have to start believing in myself
  • I think I have good self esteem. I have overcome what had seemed to be unsurmountable obstacles and I take some pride in that. It has made me a relatively strong person. Of course I can't take all the credit, but I can take a little.
  • I have good self esteem now but that was not always the case. I made a conscious effort some time ago to be a happier person, of course after awhile it's no longer an effort, and feeling happy adds to my self-esteem. Hope that makes sense.
  • A pretty bad one really. No one quite hates me as much as I do, and that is quite the achievement. Why? I've never really thought about that. I suppose the relationship I have with my dad doesn't help. Being paraded around like some freakish show pony never helped. I'm pretty sure my uncle is a major factor. Most of my life I have been nothing but an object, something for people to play with and then drop when they feel like it. I've never been wanted for being me, and the only person who seemed to want me didn't want me in the right way. I've spent most of my life alone, and I guess I just figure that I'm not good enough to be treated like everyone else. It may sound stupid, but it's just a way of justifying things
  • i have a better self esteem after reading this its just emotional bull crap we all deserve to have something we dont think we should if we werent post god wouldnt give it to us so i say quit whinin and grow up because she loves me and i deserve that i have no rason to question that and if someone screws you over or cheats on you then thats there problem theres more important things than blameing everything on poor self esteem your loved and you deserve something great like i deserve her so drop it and go do somethin about it
  • I have low self esteem and I keep gettin inot relationships were my girlfriends abuse me. What I do not understand is that these women do not hate me, they love me, but in order to love me, they humilliate me and enjoy it. I feel very sad, and came to think that I must deserve it, and submit to a oman in order to have a girlfriend. I understand how low self esteem works, but I can not make it dissappear, the fear and anxiety my girlfriend makes me feel is enough to paralyse me and stay with her. And I love her, she is the love of my life.
  • Depends for what. I think that our self esteem is a reflection of the feedback we recieve from the people around us that we believe matter
  • I have higher than normal self esteem - I credit this to a very loving family as I believe that self esteem is instilled when you are growing up for most people, there are some people who lack self esteem and then one day realize that they are attractive. I happen to be a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) and I walk with my head held high a smile on my face and eyes wide open. It's funny, I hang out with a mix of females, we are all attractive but I sometimes have to teach my thin friends appeal LOL

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