• Everytime I go out as they are always walking the streets around the shopping centers.
  • Honestly other than on t.v., I dont think I have ever seen one. If I did, I didnt know they were one.
  • last night
  • They don't exactly wear signs proclaimimg...
  • This morning on my way to work
  • My office window overlooks an intersection, and there's a girl who walks through that intersection and around our building almost every day. We see drivers pull over to talk to her and meet up with her in the parking lot.
  • Hahaha! I'm not sure I ever HAVE. I do know someone who did it for money once but she wasn't what I'd consider a hooker.
  • Just last Saturday night, in our local bar. My buddy was drunk, and was convinced that she really liked him because she had touched his hand. She quickly left when he asked her if she would to buy a round of drinks. lol :)
  • Maybe a week ago. We see them all the time. Ya know the hookers that are on TV & Movies? Like Pretty Woman? The hookers around these parts look nothing like that. A man would be lucky to find one with more than 7 teeth.
  • Hmmm...I've seen some girls that LOOK like hookers. I guess the last time I saw a hooker was on tv. You can't even find them on 42nd Street anymore! What has become of this world ! ;-)
  • Last summer in Mexico City from a cab. Before that it was years and years ago in Glasgow from a rental car. I probably have seen more and didn't realize it, but that's what happens when you don't spend much time in the city, I guess!
  • OMG!Our neighbourhood was strickly white collar and one sunday,after church, my father,and two brothers and I went to Wendy's for lunch.My one brother was 14 and was very tall and big for his age.He sat at a table next to us and she went and sat next to him and said"Hello big boy." Well,my dad asked her to leave him alone and my brother was red in the face!HIllarious!Seen lots since then,visited Toronto Canada enough times to see them walking.
  • Damn, which i could find one this morning...let me see, might be one under my bed...lmao...just kidding! In my part of the World, we almost never see one. Live in a small town in the South in the USA!
  • When I was walking the dog in the evening about 2 days ago.
  • A few days ago I saw my boss.
  • I don't think I've ever SEEN one in real life. Or at least I didn't KNOW they were one. I probably have seen them in Vegas, but other than that...I don't think I have!
  • i never see them but im sure theyre around somewheres

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