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  • Yup. If we allow alcohol despite the carnage and suffering it causes, then there is no good reason to keep marijuana off the shelves. I've known drinkers and I've known potheads and the worst the latter ever did when stoned was seriously deplete their supply of snack foods. Also, there is a medicinal use for marijuana.
  • Heavens no! If people started using marijuana as medicine, what's next? Harder stuff like coca and opium derivatives?! Oh, wait... we already use those. yes, it should; at least medicinally. and I think it should be legal anyway, as long as alcohol and tobacco are legal!
  • Marijuana is just like alot of things, it's not the drug, it's how people use it. I've known plenty of pot-heads in my day, and most of them were harmless and quite friendly, otherwise law-abiding people. I think it should be legalized, but with age regulations, and special liscenses for sale. Much of the reason marijuana causes some of the trouble it does in this society is only *because* it's illegal, when you outlaw something, it's value shoots up dramaticaly, leading to people smuggling it, and commiting other crimes to procure it because it's so valuable.
  • My moms friend started to use marijuana, when she had a tumor the size of a small grapefruit, in her brain, when she used it, it shrank, it eventually dissapeared, so I would say, at least for medical reasons, yes, it should be legalized, and in some states, it is.
  • I don't. All that would do is make the appathy in the world rampant as more people discover it.
  • Yes, because I don't think governments have the right to tell me which drugs I can and can't take. Alcohol kills more people and causes more harm than any illegal drug, and governments positively advocate the use of it.
  • No I honestly dont. I believe mind altering drugs should remain illegal. This is so often called the Gateway drug, and in a vast majority users proceed to bigger and "better" drugs. The 2nd hand smoke around others and children is not only bad for their lungs damaging their brains. In time it causes serious problems with the memory. So I say, lets keep it illegal, just like all the others
  • access this question on answerbag homepage and read what i wrote:do you think cigarettes will ever be illegal? i received a dissapointed -3 but read it anyway.
  • Yes, and for a number of reasons. Chief among them is the ludicrous nature of outlawing a lifeform, which is really just a stupid and unenforceable concept. Secondly, in a world where one can walk into a shopfront and buy two of the most damaging and addictive drugs known to man, those being alcohol and nicotine, it seems like total hypocrisy that any substance which is not physically addictive should be banned. My personal opinion is that drugs should be legal, period, and dispensed through licensed pharmacies where purity could be controlled and billions of dollars in taxes could be collected. People who want to use drugs use them, legal or not, and I doubt that a person who is not disposed toward doing so is going to end up a junkie on the street or like the bugged out black pianist in "Reefer Madness". Keeping drugs on the street and out of the light of oversight keeps poor people poor, black people in jail, criminals dangerous, enforcement agents crooked, and poor nations with agricultural economies forever condemned to slavery by the likes of Archer Daniels Midland. I am white as a klansman's hood, but twentieth-century drug policy is about rascism and xenophobia, keeping the third-world third here and abroad. Progressive drug policies remove the stigma from a relatively common practice, and part of keeping one's head above water is maintaining one's self-esteem. Making everyday citizens in search of a little escape or relief into common criminals deprives our economy of labor and ability, and even when they do re-enter society, they are psychologically changed as well as branded an employment risk. And the psychological change is generally not a positive force, as evidenced by recidivism rates amongt drug users. People should stop protecting each other from themselves; there are way too many of us as it is, and in the worst case scenarios of drug use, well, a little natural selection goes a long way toward ensuring the survival of the species.
  • in my opinion, yes!!! the police spend so much time (and money) trying to catch smugglers that if it was legal they wouldnt have to. theyd have more time to catch rapists and murderes etc.
  • Yes, I think marijuana should be legalized. And no, I don't use it myself.
  • As far as I am aware, there's no good reason for marijuana not to be legal, so I don't see why not. I would also like to say that I have never used it and never will as long as it's not legal.
  • NO it should not, I used to be a chronic for about 3 years, my fiance for about 7 years then 8 years on and off. It can ruin your life, it plays with your chemical balance in your brain it is addictive and you need more of it to get high after your come down off of it and go into a depression. If you look into how it effects your chemical brain it mimics and even introduces your once healthy body to bipolar and depressive dissorders. I once would have answerd this question "Hell YEAH" but not now after dealing with a particular situation that has been caused by the overuse of mariJ and seing the negative effects of it's grip it has on your brain!
  • I think marijuana does far less damage to people around the user than something like alcohol... Marijuana should be legal but only in private home use (you take it at home, and never out in public). Marijuana only damages the user, it should be their right as a human being to do to their own bodies whatever they want to, as long as it doesn't harm others. THAT is freedom, anything short of it is simply not freedom. (No seriously, someone try and explain to me how 'freedom' includes it being -illegal- for you to harm yourself in a way which harms no one at all but yourself... It's like saying "Hurt yourself & I'll kick your ass" :P It is counter-productive lunacy
  • Im not sure whether to make it legal because then it will be another way the goverment makes money. But i surpose if it was made legal at least it would have to be up to standards and would have a age limit on it,there would be no need to drug dealers apart from the hard core stuff which personally i dont agree with,a bit of pot never did anyone any harm but as with everythink if done in moderation.
  • I dont think that marijuana should be legal because it basicaly ruins ppl lives... alcohol can aswell but at least most ppl can control themselves with alcohol... after taking marijuana like once your hooked for life
  • I dont think that marijuana should be legal because it basicaly ruins ppl lives... alcohol can aswell but at least most ppl can control themselves with alcohol... after taking marijuana like once your hooked for life
  • Short and simple: yes. It's honestly to much of a hassle for it not to be legal. The police and goverment make to much of a deal out of this and use to much time and money. As quite a few people on here already said, cigarettes and alchohol are way worse for you then marijuana is. I think that Marijuana will be legal in the United States eventually when the goverment can figure out how to make the most money off of it.
  • i think so,its never killed anyone and i see nothing wrong with it.
  • No, DEFINITELY NOT! then we would have even more people using drugs.
  • Alcohol and tabbaco are legal and kill hundred of thousands of people each year. Marijuana has never killed one person, on recored but yet still remains in the same schedule class as being as dangerous as cocaine and its illegal. Great goverment.
  • no. scientific evidence is growing that marijuana smoking is as bad for the lungs and as likely to cause cancer as nicotine cigarettes, even without considering the damage it does to the brain and to fertility. Then there are the many road deaths that are now being attributed to marijuana- how many were there in the past, I wonder? We are spending millions, billions trying to stop people smoking nicotine based cigs...why on earth should be consider legalising marijuana, except in medicinal doses to patients in hospitals.
  • Sure. I think if anything it'd free up the legal system a bit and we could start locking up the REAL criminals.
  • I didn't know pots were illegal. Woks? Soup pots? Oh, you mean marijuana. . .well, that's a whole different story. . .
  • i think it should. i don't smoke pot or anything else but its no more harmful (possibly less harmful) than alcohol, definitely less harmful than cigarettes so i think it should be legal.
  • of course...we need the tax revenue, and it's alot safer than alcohol.
  • I definatley think it should be made legal. There is no real harm in it. But I do think that if you were caught driving while "high" then the punishment should be just as bad as a DUI
  • fuk yes...people who drink beer act stupid...well most of the fill your fat swollen bowl and take a toke at your heart and dont choke
  • Prohibition is a failed system, will they realize it soon - maybe. How can you put someone who grows a plant into jail with murderers and rapists? In the U.S. our government decided it knew what we should put in our bodies, so they outlawed it. That right there is unnerving to me. No politician I have ever met should make a decision like that for me. In 1937 the U.S. Marihuana Tax Act was created to make marijuana disappear through making it illegal to have without a tax stamp but no one could acquire the tax stamp due to the fact you would be incriminating yourself. It was enacted on the grounds that cannabis caused "murder, insanity and death" After this was found to be unconstitutional in 1969 due to its violation of our fifth amendment right our congress passed the Controlled Substances Act. -So we have the war on drugs(they thought the name prohibition wouldn't work anymore). Government doesn't think it can effectively tax the product so they outlaw it. To make a profit and provide jobs, the DEA and ONDCP and many other anti-marijuana groups are given our tax dollars to fight a war against our own citizens.
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  • Nope, not for everyone. Only for people who have medical problems.
  • The only thing that would do would be to lower the crime rate for illegal drug why not?
  • Sure why not people do it anyways and too many people get in trouble for it !
  • Yes i think marijuana should be legalized its not a bad drug yes but, it gives u pannick attacks and freak outs but it does not kill u so i think it should be aloud in my case, and alot of people know its not that bad its just the law being a bitch,
  • ... legal, no ... decriminalized, YES ... ... once it is fully legalized, then you need the legal hassles of enforcing quality controls, age restrictions, paying inspectors, and so much more ... all of which just adds to the cost with all the bureaucratic red tape ...
  • Yes.Answered this under Hash question.
  • Yes, but with restraints. It should be controlled just like Alcohol, only people over the age of 21 can take it and you are not allowed to drive under the influence.
  • it sholud be legal anywhere. i mean come on, the government brainwashes people into making marijuana look bad. they cant regulate it, they cant tax it, they cant make money off it, so they say "lets make marijuana look like a VERY dangerous drug!" but you know what the funny thing is? marijuana has NEVER killed anyone from an overdose. sure, people can to stupid stuff like injure themselves when they are high, but that happens all the time with alcohol. yet that is legal. and ciggarettes kill more people a year then almost anything and yet those are legal. and all those anti- drug programs try to tell people that marijuana smoke can cause cancer, but really? how many people have you heard of that have gotten cancer from marijuana? ive never seen or heard of any, and im sure most of you reading this havent either. (it can, though). and then they say that marijuana cause cause mental damage, but guess what? so can alcohol! yet that is legal! alcohol tears apart thousands of families each year because of irresponsible fathers who come home drunk and abuse their wives or children. how many people have you heard of who come home high and beat their families? none! and for medical uses, marijuana works very well at: stimulating the appetite for AIDS patients and anorexic people, controlling nausa for cancer patients who go through kemotherapy, curing migranes and insomnia, helping ease the pain of patients with arthritus and back problems, and more. and if the government is so "concerned" with marijuana smoke causing cancer, there are other ways it can be distributed into the body. people can put it in food, brew it into teas, or inhale it through a vaporizer, which heats up the marijuana causing a vapor to form. it is basically air with THC in it.
  • Marijuana absolutely and indubitably should be legalized. there is NO logical reason not to. There is no moral reason not to. Legalize, regulate and tax. Imagine how that would help certain states' budget deficits! It is innocuous at the least and, in some cases, very beneficial and healthful. (Backed by mainstream scientific studies.) Useful in many ways beyond medical treatment, as well. The hypocrisy in which alcohol is legal and this not is beyond absurd.
  • Yeah. Regulate it, tax it, and keep the money from going to the drug rings and put it toward something more useful like schools and bridges.

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