• Opinions differ about this... 1) "Kim Young-Hee: Koreas most famous visual artist" "Kim Young-Hee, the sculptress born in Kyongju, Korea in 1944, received international recognition with her own distinctive sculptures made from mulberry paper, symbols of traditional Korea, its culture and its people. In her home country, Kim Young-Hee is counted among the most famous visual artists and also one of the most successful authors, whose novels achieve bestseller status in her country. She acquired this artistic reputation with 70 solo exhibitions worldwide. The works of Kim Young-Hee are constantly exhibited by the HYUNDAI gallery in Korea, as well as at many other international exhibitions. She has already managed to reach a wide, international audience (museums, large concerns and private collections). A Korean city and a large concern are presently planning a museum especially for her works of art. Her autobiography, based on her own novel, is currently being filmed in Korea. She has been living and working in Germany since 1981." Source and further information: 2) "Nam June Paik is possibly the single most famous artist of Korean descent. He is often described as the forefather of video art, avant-garde artist, performance artist, Fluxus artist, and a philosopher. While those descriptions are all true, above all, he is "an artist." " Source and further information: 3) "Chi-Hwa-Seon This film traces the life of one of Korea's most famous artists. It's fitting then that it's directed by Im Kwon Taek, one of Korea's most prolific (he's directed over 90 films) and respected filmmakers. This film won the prize for best director at the 2000 Cannes film festival and along with Shiri helped to put Korean filmmaking on the map." Source and further information: 4) "Kwon Boa is one of the most popular South Korean pop stars. Commonly known by her stage name BoA (Beat of Angel), she released albums in both Korean and Japanese." "BoA’s career continues to prosper in both Korea and Japan, and becoming quite popular across Asia as well. She was named as the MTV Asia’s Most Influential Asian Artist in 2004; she was just 18 back then. BoA is currently one of the most famous artists in both Korea and Japan, and she is just 21. It has been known that she is interested in acting as well; we could be seeing BoA on big screen besides her pop performances in near future." Source and further information: 5) "Kim Hwan-Gi (1913-1974) was the most renowned painter and leading artist of Korea." Source and further information:,-seoul.html 6) Further information: - "Cultural Assets of Korea":

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